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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ MANIFEST This list of files
Makefile.SH A makefile to run subsidiary makefiles
README Basic instructions
Wishlist Features I would like to add
+U/Specific.U Specific code for dist before .SH extraction
bin/ Some binary tools
bin/Jmakefile Generic makefile description for bin
bin/Makefile.SH Jmake-generated configured makefile
@@ -127,6 +128,7 @@ mcon/U/Rcs.U Some stupid redefinitions to keep RCS happy
mcon/U/Sendfile64.U Is sendfile() working with the largefile flags?
mcon/U/Setvar.U Set a variable with some sanity checks
mcon/U/Signal.U Utilities for sig_name.U
+mcon/U/Specific.U Hook for project-specific code before .SH extraction
mcon/U/Tr.U Builds a tr script to handle lower and upper classes
mcon/U/Trylink.U Compiles and links a test program
mcon/U/Typedef.U Defines a typedef lookup function
@@ -170,6 +172,7 @@ mcon/U/d_backtrace.U Do we have backtrace()?
mcon/U/d_bcmp.U Do we have bcmp() or memcmp()?
mcon/U/d_bcopy.U Do we have bcopy() or memcpy()?
mcon/U/d_bfd_lib.U Is the BFD library available?
+mcon/U/d_bfd_section.U Do bfd_section_xxx() accessors exist with 1 argument?
mcon/U/d_bindtxtcode.U Do we have bind_textdomain_codeset()?
mcon/U/d_brokstat.U Check whether stat() macros are broken
mcon/U/d_bsdjmp.U Do we have BSD _setjmp() and _longjmp()?
@@ -221,7 +224,6 @@ mcon/U/d_eofpipe.U Will EOF be seen on closed pipes?
mcon/U/d_epoll.U Can we use epoll_xxx() routines?
mcon/U/d_etext_symbol.U Whether linker defines the "etext" symbol
mcon/U/d_euc2jis.U Do we have euc2jis()?
-mcon/U/d_fast_assert.U Can we use fast assertions?
mcon/U/d_fchdir.U Do we have fchdir()?
mcon/U/d_fchmod.U Do we have fchmod()?
mcon/U/d_fchown.U Do we have fchown()?
@@ -309,6 +311,7 @@ mcon/U/d_memcmp.U Do we have memcmp()?
mcon/U/d_memcpy.U Do we have memcpy()?
mcon/U/d_memmove.U Do we have memmove()?
mcon/U/d_mempcpy.U Do we have mempcpy()?
+mcon/U/d_memrchr.U Do we have memrchr()?
mcon/U/d_memset.U Do we have memset()?
mcon/U/d_mkdir.U Do we have mkdir()?
mcon/U/d_mkfifo.U Do we have mkfifo()?
@@ -752,4 +755,3 @@ pl/ Perl library to expand rcs filename lists
pl/ Perl library to parse RCS snapshot file
pl/ Perl library to perform ~name expansion
pl/ Perl library to parse users file
-revision.h The current SVN revision number for dist