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@@ -173,6 +173,7 @@ mcon/U/d_bfd_lib.U Is the BFD library available?
mcon/U/d_bindtxtcode.U Do we have bind_textdomain_codeset()?
mcon/U/d_brokstat.U Check whether stat() macros are broken
mcon/U/d_bsdjmp.U Do we have BSD _setjmp() and _longjmp()?
+mcon/U/d_bsearch.U Do we have bsearch()?
mcon/U/d_built_bswap32.U Is __builtin_bswap32() available?
mcon/U/d_built_bswap64.U Is __builtin_bswap64() available?
mcon/U/d_built_clz.U Is __builtin_clz() available?
@@ -189,6 +190,7 @@ mcon/U/d_chown.U Do we have chown()?
mcon/U/d_chroot.U Do we have chroot()?
mcon/U/d_chsize.U Size of a char
mcon/U/d_ckeypad.U Do we have the curses keypad()?
+mcon/U/d_clearenv.U Do we have clearenv()?
mcon/U/d_clock_getres.U Do we have clock_getres()?
mcon/U/d_clock_gettime.U Do we have clock_gettime()?
mcon/U/d_closedir.U Do we have closedir()?
@@ -204,7 +206,9 @@ mcon/U/d_debugging.U Conditionally defines -DDEBUGGING
mcon/U/d_deflate.U Do we have zlib's deflate()?
mcon/U/d_devpoll.U Can we use /dev/poll?
mcon/U/d_difftime.U Do we have difftime()?
+mcon/U/d_dirent_d_namlen.U Does struct dirent has a member d_namlen?
mcon/U/d_dirent_d_type.U Does struct dirent has a member d_type?
+mcon/U/d_dirfd.U Do we have dirfd()?
mcon/U/d_dladdr.U Do we have dladdr()?
mcon/U/d_dlerror.U Do we have dlerror()?
mcon/U/d_dliterphdr.U Do we have dl_iterate_phdr()?
@@ -218,11 +222,13 @@ mcon/U/d_epoll.U Can we use epoll_xxx() routines?
mcon/U/d_etext_symbol.U Whether linker defines the "etext" symbol
mcon/U/d_euc2jis.U Do we have euc2jis()?
mcon/U/d_fast_assert.U Can we use fast assertions?
+mcon/U/d_fchdir.U Do we have fchdir()?
mcon/U/d_fchmod.U Do we have fchmod()?
mcon/U/d_fchown.U Do we have fchown()?
mcon/U/d_fcntl.U Do we have fcntl()?
mcon/U/d_fd_set.U Do we have the fd set manipulation macros?
mcon/U/d_fdatasync.U Do we have fdatasync()?
+mcon/U/d_fdopendir.U Do we have fdopendir()?
mcon/U/d_ffs.U Do we have ffs()?
mcon/U/d_fgetpos.U Do we have fgetpos()?
mcon/U/d_flexfnam.U Long filenames?
@@ -230,6 +236,7 @@ mcon/U/d_flock.U Do we have flock()?
mcon/U/d_fmod.U Do we have fmod()?
mcon/U/d_fork.U Do we have fork()?
mcon/U/d_fsetpos.U Do we have fsetpos()?
+mcon/U/d_fstatat.U Do we have fstatat()?
mcon/U/d_fsync.U Do we have fsync()?
mcon/U/d_ftime.U Do we have ftime()?
mcon/U/d_ftrncate.U Do we have ftruncate()?
@@ -253,7 +260,10 @@ mcon/U/d_getpgrp.U Do we have getpgrp()?
mcon/U/d_getpgrp2.U Do we have getpgrp2()? (DG/UX)
mcon/U/d_getppid.U Do we have getppid()?
mcon/U/d_getprior.U Do we have getpriority()?
+mcon/U/d_getprogname.U Do we have getprogname()?
mcon/U/d_getpwent.U How is passwd info gotten?
+mcon/U/d_getpwnam.U Do we have getpwnam()?
+mcon/U/d_getpwuid.U Do we have getpwuid()?
mcon/U/d_getrlimit.U Do we have getrlimit()?
mcon/U/d_gettext.U Checks whether gettext() is available
mcon/U/d_gettext.U Do we have gettext()?
@@ -320,12 +330,14 @@ mcon/U/d_nls.U Do we support NLS?
mcon/U/d_nolnbuf.U Is stdout line buffered?
mcon/U/d_normsig.U signal() vs sigset()
mcon/U/d_open3.U Do we have the 3 arguments form for open()?
+mcon/U/d_openat.U Do we have openat()?
mcon/U/d_passwd.U Do we have passwd()?
mcon/U/d_pathconf.U Do we have pathconf()?
mcon/U/d_pause.U Do we have pause()?
mcon/U/d_perror.U Do we have perror()?
mcon/U/d_pidcheck.U Is kill(pid, 0) allowed for PID checks?
mcon/U/d_pipe.U Do we have pipe()?
+mcon/U/d_pipe2.U Do we have pipe2()?
mcon/U/d_poll.U Do we have poll()?
mcon/U/d_popen.U Do we have popen()?
mcon/U/d_portable.U How portable do we want to be?
@@ -333,6 +345,7 @@ mcon/U/d_posix_fadvise.U Do we have posix_fadvise()?
mcon/U/d_posix_memalign.U Do we have posix_memalign()?
mcon/U/d_pread.U Do we have pread()?
mcon/U/d_preadv.U Do we have preadv()?
+mcon/U/d_proginvocname.U Do we have program_invocation_name variables?
mcon/U/d_psignal.U Do we have psignal()?
mcon/U/d_ptattr_setstack.U Do we have pthread_attr_setstack()?
mcon/U/d_pwrite.U Do we have pwrite()?
@@ -366,6 +379,7 @@ mcon/U/d_semop.U Do we have semop()?
mcon/U/d_sendfile.U Do we have sendfile()?
mcon/U/d_sendmsg.U Do we have sendmsg()?
mcon/U/d_setegid.U Do we have setegid()?
+mcon/U/d_setenv.U Do we have setenv()?
mcon/U/d_seteuid.U Do we have seteuid()?
mcon/U/d_setgrps.U Do we have setgroups()?
mcon/U/d_setlnbuf.U Do we have setlinebuf()?
@@ -375,6 +389,7 @@ mcon/U/d_setpgrp.U Do we have setpgrp()?
mcon/U/d_setpgrp2.U Do we have setpgrp2()? (DG/UX)
mcon/U/d_setprior.U Do we have setpriority()?
mcon/U/d_setproctitle.U Do we have setproctitle()?
+mcon/U/d_setprogname.U Do we have setprogname()?
mcon/U/d_setregid.U Do we have setregid()?
mcon/U/d_setreuid.U Do we have setreuid()?
mcon/U/d_setrgid.U Do we have setrgid()?
@@ -446,6 +461,7 @@ mcon/U/d_uctx_mctx.U Do we have a uc_mcontext field in struct ucontext?
mcon/U/d_uctx_mctx_gregs.U Do we have uc_mcontext.gregs[] in struct ucontext?
mcon/U/d_ulimit.U Do we have ulimit()?
mcon/U/d_umask.U Do we have umask()?
+mcon/U/d_unsetenv.U Do we have unsetenv()?
mcon/U/d_usendir.U Use our own ndir routines?
mcon/U/d_usleep.U Do we have usleep()?
mcon/U/d_uwait.U Is there a 'union wait' declaration around here?