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+This directory contains a rudimentary kit maker.
+N.B.: This must not be confused with the kit package, which is a set of shell
+scripts for sending arbitrary files and directories by mail and unpacking them.
+One could call kit a binary tarmailer. The kit package has been released
+separately from dist (posted on comp.sources.unix in 1991).
+Larry Wall said:
+ Depending on where you are going to send your kits you might prefer
+ to use Rich $alz's kit maker instead--it makes more robust kits
+ but assumes more about the target system.
+I say:
+ If you are using RCS 4.3, be sure to use makedist instead of your
+ own shell archiver, unless you do not use $Id, $Header or $Locker
+ markers. Moreover, makedist will take the latest checked in
+ revision intead of the working file, so that you archive a coherent
+ package even if you made some mods since the last patch.
+You run makedist in the top level directory of your package and it uses
+the file to generate shar scripts of about 50000 bytes each.
+Just make sure contains everything you want, including any
+Configure, config.h.SH, or patchlevel.h files. A prototype patchlevel.h
+may be found in ../gen/patchlevel.h. See the manpage for more details.
+If you do not wish to build up shell archives but an up-to-date copy of
+your source tree, run someting like:
+ makedist -c dir
+to build an up-to-date source tree in dir, which you can then archive using
+your own shell archiver.