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+?RCS: $Id: Config_sh.U,v 1997/02/28 14:57:53 ram Exp $
+?RCS: Copyright (c) 1991-1993, Raphael Manfredi
+?RCS: You may redistribute only under the terms of the Artistic Licence,
+?RCS: as specified in the README file that comes with the distribution.
+?RCS: You may reuse parts of this distribution only within the terms of
+?RCS: that same Artistic Licence; a copy of which may be found at the root
+?RCS: of the source tree for dist 3.0.
+?RCS: $Log: Config_sh.U,v $
+?RCS: Revision 1997/02/28 14:57:53 ram
+?RCS: patch61: added support for src.U
+?RCS: Revision 1995/01/11 14:53:31 ram
+?RCS: patch45: moved path stripping from d_portable.U to end of Configure
+?RCS: Revision 1994/10/29 15:50:37 ram
+?RCS: patch36: added ?F: line for metalint file checking
+?RCS: Revision 3.0 1993/08/18 12:04:48 ram
+?RCS: Baseline for dist 3.0 netwide release.
+?X: This unit ends up producing the script, which contains all the
+?X: definitions figured out by Configure. The add.Config_sh command knows
+?X: which variables need to be remembered. It also adds the EOT (ends the
+?X: here document redirection with variable substitution).
+?MAKE:Config_sh: cf_time cf_by test spitshell startsh myuname Myread \
+ End Obsol_sh Loc +d_portable package src
+?MAKE: -pick add.Config_sh $@ %<
+?MAKE: -pick add $@ ./Obsol_sh
+?MAKE: -pick close.Config_sh $@ %<
+: back to where it started
+if test -d ../UU; then
+ cd ..
+: configuration may be patched via a 'config.over' file
+if $test -f config.over; then
+ echo " "
+ dflt=y
+ rp='I see a config.over file. Do you wish to load it?'
+ . UU/myread
+ case "$ans" in
+ n*) echo "OK, I'll ignore it.";;
+ *) . ./config.over
+ echo "Configuration override changes have been loaded."
+ ;;
+ esac
+@if d_portable
+: in case they want portability, strip down executable paths
+?X: Strip down paths in located executables. For each file, e.g. vi, there
+?X: is a $vi variable whose value is for instance '/usr/bin/vi'. By resetting
+?X: $vi to 'vi', we rely on the PATH variable to locate the executable...
+case "$d_portable" in
+ echo " "
+ echo "Stripping down executable paths..." >&4
+ for file in $loclist $trylist; do
+ eval $file="\$file"
+ done
+ ;;
+: create file
+echo " "
+echo "Creating" >&4
+$spitshell <<EOT >
+# This file was produced by running the Configure script. It holds all the
+# definitions figured out by Configure. Should you modify one of these values,
+# do not forget to propagate your changes by running "Configure -der". You may
+# instead choose to run each of the .SH files by yourself, or "Configure -S".
+# Package name : $package
+# Source directory : $src
+# Configuration time: $cf_time
+# Configured by : $cf_by
+# Target system : $myuname