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+?RCS: $Id: d_portable.U,v 1995/01/11 15:28:52 ram Exp $
+?RCS: Copyright (c) 1991-1993, Raphael Manfredi
+?RCS: You may redistribute only under the terms of the Artistic Licence,
+?RCS: as specified in the README file that comes with the distribution.
+?RCS: You may reuse parts of this distribution only within the terms of
+?RCS: that same Artistic Licence; a copy of which may be found at the root
+?RCS: of the source tree for dist 3.0.
+?RCS: $Log: d_portable.U,v $
+?RCS: Revision 1995/01/11 15:28:52 ram
+?RCS: patch45: executable path stripping moved to the end in Config_sh.U
+?RCS: Revision 1993/12/15 08:21:17 ram
+?RCS: patch15: did not strip variables properly when needed
+?RCS: patch15: now also strips down variables from trylist
+?RCS: Revision 3.0 1993/08/18 12:06:48 ram
+?RCS: Baseline for dist 3.0 netwide release.
+?X: The Loc unit is wanted to get the definition of all the locating variables.
+?MAKE:d_portable: cat Loc Myread Oldconfig
+?MAKE: -pick add $@ %<
+?S: This variable conditionally defines the PORTABLE symbol, which
+?S: indicates to the C program that it should not assume that it is
+?S: running on the machine it was compiled on.
+?C: This symbol, if defined, indicates to the C program that it should
+?C: not assume that it is running on the machine it was compiled on.
+?C: The program should be prepared to look up the host name, translate
+?C: generic filenames, use PATH, etc.
+?H:#$d_portable PORTABLE /**/
+: decide how portable to be
+case "$d_portable" in
+"$define") dflt=y;;
+*) dflt=n;;
+$cat <<'EOH'
+I can set things up so that your shell scripts and binaries are more portable,
+at what may be a noticable cost in performance. In particular, if you
+ask to be portable, the following happens:
+ 1) Shell scripts will rely on the PATH variable rather than using
+ the paths derived above.
+ 2) ~username interpretations will be done at run time rather than
+ by Configure.
+ 3) The system name will be determined at run time, if at all possible.
+rp="Do you expect to run these scripts and binaries on multiple machines?"
+. ./myread
+case "$ans" in
+ y*) d_portable="$define"
+?X: Paths will be stripped down (/usr/bin/vi -> vi) in Config_sh.U if needed.
+ ;;
+ *) d_portable="$undef" ;;