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+?RCS: $Id: prefix.U,v 1995/01/30 14:44:05 ram Exp $
+?RCS: Copyright (c) 1991-1993, Raphael Manfredi
+?RCS: You may redistribute only under the terms of the Artistic Licence,
+?RCS: as specified in the README file that comes with the distribution.
+?RCS: You may reuse parts of this distribution only within the terms of
+?RCS: that same Artistic Licence; a copy of which may be found at the root
+?RCS: of the source tree for dist 3.0.
+?RCS: Original Author: Andy Dougherty <>
+?RCS: $Log: prefix.U,v $
+?RCS: Revision 1995/01/30 14:44:05 ram
+?RCS: patch49: new prefixexp variable holding a fully expanded prefix
+?RCS: patch49: save off previous prefix value in oldprefix if changed (WED)
+?RCS: patch49: added the INSTALLPREFIX define for C programs to use (WED)
+?RCS: Revision 1994/08/29 16:31:34 ram
+?RCS: patch32: created by ADO
+?MAKE:prefix prefixexp +oldprefix: Getfile Loc Oldconfig cat package
+?MAKE: -pick add $@ %<
+?S: This variable holds the name of the directory below which the
+?S: user will install the package. Usually, this is /usr/local, and
+?S: executables go in /usr/local/bin, library stuff in /usr/local/lib,
+?S: man pages in /usr/local/man, etc. It is only used to set defaults
+?S: for things in bin.U, mansrc.U, privlib.U, or scriptdir.U.
+?S: This variable holds the full absolute path of the directory below
+?S: which the user will install the package. Derived from prefix.
+?S: This variable is set non-null if the prefix was previously defined
+?S: and gets set to a new value. Used internally by Configure only.
+?C: This symbol contains the name of the install prefix for this package.
+?H:#define INSTALLPREFIX "$prefix" /**/
+: determine root of directory hierarchy where package will be installed.
+case "$prefix" in
+ dflt=`./loc . /usr/local /usr/local /local /opt /usr`
+ ;;
+ dflt="$prefix"
+ ;;
+$cat <<EOM
+By default, $package will be installed in $dflt/bin, manual
+pages under $dflt/man, etc..., i.e. with $dflt as prefix for
+all installation directories. Typically set to /usr/local, but you
+may choose /usr if you wish to install $package among your system
+binaries. If you wish to have binaries under /bin but manual pages
+under /usr/local/man, that's ok: you will be prompted separately
+for each of the installation directories, the prefix being only used
+to set the defaults.
+rp='Installation prefix to use?'
+. ./getfile
+case "$prefix" in
+'') ;;
+ case "$ans" in
+ "$prefix") ;;
+ *) oldprefix="$prefix";;
+ esac
+ ;;