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+case $CONFIG in
+ if test -f; then TOP=.;
+ elif test -f ../; then TOP=..;
+ elif test -f ../../; then TOP=../..;
+ elif test -f ../../../; then TOP=../../..;
+ elif test -f ../../../../; then TOP=../../../..;
+ else
+ echo "Can't find"; exit 1
+ fi
+ . $TOP/
+ ;;
+case "$0" in
+*/*) cd `expr X$0 : 'X\(.*\)/'` ;;
+echo "Extracting mcon/man/metalint.$manext (with variable substitutions)"
+$rm -f metalint.$manext
+$spitshell >metalint.$manext <<!GROK!THIS!
+''' @(#) Manual page for metalint
+''' $Id: mlint.SH,v 1997/02/28 16:30:25 ram Exp $
+''' Copyright (c) 1991-1993, Raphael Manfredi
+''' You may redistribute only under the terms of the Artistic Licence,
+''' as specified in the README file that comes with the distribution.
+''' You may reuse parts of this distribution only within the terms of
+''' that same Artistic Licence; a copy of which may be found at the root
+''' of the source tree for dist 3.0.
+''' $Log: mlint.SH,v $
+''' Revision 1997/02/28 16:30:25 ram
+''' patch61: new "create" and "empty" lint directives
+''' patch61: documented new messages
+''' Revision 1995/09/25 09:18:07 ram
+''' patch59: documented new ?Y: directive
+''' patch59: fixed my e-mail address
+''' Revision 1995/07/25 14:18:51 ram
+''' patch56: added two new warnings for : comments lines in Configure
+''' Revision 1994/10/29 16:33:56 ram
+''' patch36: documents new ?F: lines and the related metalint warnings
+''' patch36: removed statement in BUGS since all warnings may now be shut
+''' Revision 1994/05/06 15:20:30 ram
+''' patch23: added -L switch to override public unit repository path
+''' patch23: two new warnings concerning last unit lines
+''' Revision 1994/01/24 14:20:39 ram
+''' patch16: can now easily suppress warning about made "special units"
+''' Revision 1993/11/10 17:37:39 ram
+''' patch14: documents stale ?M: dependency check
+''' Revision 1993/10/16 13:52:23 ram
+''' patch12: added support for ?M: lines and fixed some typos
+''' Revision 1993/08/19 06:42:24 ram
+''' patch1: leading searching was not aborting properly
+''' Revision 3.0 1993/08/18 12:10:15 ram
+''' Baseline for dist 3.0 netwide release.
+metalint \- a metaconfig unit consistency checker
+.B metalint
+[ \-\fBhklsV\fR ]
+[ \-\fBL \fIdir\fR ]
+.I Metalint
+parses the units and performs some extensive consistency checks, to make sure
+the whole set is sound. Due to the relatively huge amount of units available,
+it is becoming very difficult to maintain the units manually, and an automated
+process can be of real help, although not perfect.
+.I Metalint
+operates from within your top level package directory and is used to make sure
+your own private units are correctly relying on the publicly available units.
+If you intensively develop new units, you should run \fImetalint\fR on them
+before making them publicly available.
+.I Metalint
+recognizes the following set of options:
+.TP 15
+.B \-h
+Print a short usage description and exit.
+.B \-k
+Keep temporary \fI.MT\fR directory.
+.B \-l
+(not implemented yet) By default, \fImetalint\fR only reports problems related
+to your own private units. This switch directs \fImetalint\fR to also report
+problems in publicly available units.
+.B \-s
+Silent mode.
+\fB\-L\fI dir\fR
+Override default library location. Normally only useful for metaconfig
+maintainers to locally check the units being developped instead of the
+publicly available ones. The \fIdir\fR specified is the one containing the
+units \fIU\fR directory.
+.B \-V
+Print version number and exit.
+The following diagnostics may be emitted by \fImetalint\fR:
+.TP 5
+"(?MAKE) ignoring duplicate dependency listing line."
+More than one ?MAKE: line bearing dependencies was found in the unit. There
+may be only one such line, although multiple ?MAKE action lines may occur.
+"(?MAKE) special unit 'Xxx' should not be listed as made."
+A special unit symbol (first letter capitalized) may only be listed as made
+in the special unit itself. To suppress this warning in legitimate cases,
+add a '+' in front of the offending symbol (note that for non-special units,
+the '+' in this position indicates an internal symbol which should not appear
+in the file).
+"(?MAKE) '+xxx' is listed x times."
+A conditional dependency is listed more than once. This is harmless though.
+"(?MAKE) 'xxx' is listed x times."
+A normal depdendency is listed more than once. Again, an harmless error.
+"(?MAKE) 'xxx' listed as both conditional and full dependency."
+Symbol is listed as a normal dependency and as a conditional one.
+.I Metaconfig
+will consider this as being a full dependency, but that may not be what you
+initially wanted...
+"(?Y) unknown layout directive 'xxx'."
+Layout directives may only be one of \fItop\fR, \fIdefault\fR or \fIbottom\fR,
+but case does not matter. An unknown directive is just ignored and
+handled as if \fIdefault\fR had been specified.
+"(?S) duplicate description for variable '\$xxx'."
+Shell symbol is described more than once, and that will produce two entries
+in the Glossary.
+"(?S) variable '\$xxx' is not listed on ?MAKE: line."
+The unit describes a shell symbol entry which cannot be used externally since
+not listed as a dependency.
+"(?S) syntax error in ?S: construct."
+Self explainatory.
+"(?C) duplicate description for symbol 'XXX'."
+C symbol is described more than once, and that will produce two entries for
+it in the Glossary.
+"(?C) syntax error in ?C: construct."
+Self explainatory.
+"(?H) symbol 'XXX' was already defined."
+Apparently, two ?H: lines are defining the same C symbol.
+"(?H) variable '\$xxx' not even listed on ?MAKE: line."
+A variable is used, but not listed on the dependency line.
+"(?M) syntax error in ?M: construct."
+Self explainatory.
+"(?M) symbol 'xxx' already listed on a ?M: line in 'yyy'."
+A magic definition for symbol xxx is attempted, but another one was
+already provided in unit yyy.
+"(?V) visible declaration in non-special unit ignored."
+Visible declarations (?V: lines) may only appear in special units. Otherwise,
+they are meaningless.
+"(?V) wanted variable '\$xxx' made visible."
+A wanted variable (described as a dependency on the ?MAKE: line) cannot be
+made visible since that does not make any sense: the unit cannot depend on
+it and then advertise it as being locally defined.
+"(?V) defined variable '\$xxx' made visible."
+A defined variable (listed as made on the ?MAKE: line) cannot be made
+visible, since it could as well be directly wanted in another unit.
+"(?V) variable '\$xxx' already made visible by unit yyy."
+Inconsistent declaration: two units are making one single symbol visible...
+"(?V) variable '\$xxx' already read-write visible in yyy."
+The variable was already made visible as read-write by another unit.
+"(?V) variable '\$xxx' already read-only visible in yyy."
+The variable was already made visible as read-only by another unit.
+"(?W) variable '\$xxx' already wanted."
+Variable is already wanted, there is no need to explicitely ask for it here.
+"(?W) variable '\$xxx' also locally defined."
+A wanted variable would conflict with a locally defined variable and could
+result in getting a garbage value.
+"(?W) variable '\$xxx' already listed on a ?W: line in 'yyy'."
+The variable in the shell symbol section of a ?W: line can only appear in
+one unit.
+"(?F) produced file 'xxx' mutiply declared."
+The file is listed more than once on the ?F: line, under the same name.
+This does not appear when declaring both a private UU file and a public
+file with the same name, for instance.
+"(?F) UU file $uufile in non-special unit ignored."
+Private UU files (i.e. files like the \fImyread\fR script created for
+later perusal by \fIConfigure\fR) may only be created in special units.
+Exceptions allowed if the ?F: line is preceded by a proper ?LINT: hint.
+"(?T) temporary symbol '\$xxx' multiply declared."
+Self explainatory.
+"control sequence '?XXX:' ignored within body."
+Attempt to use a control line other than ?X: or ?LINT: in the unit body,
+which should be only shell code
+"variable '\$xxx' is changed."
+A variable listed as wanted in the dependency line is changed. Such a variable
+should be read-only for the unit. Use the \fIchange\fR lint hint to suppress
+this message in pathological cases.
+"no ?MAKE: line describing dependencies."
+Every unit should have a dependency line, or it will be silently ignored by
+\fImetaconfig\fR. This message is suppressed by a ?LINT: empty hint.
+"not ending with a blank line."
+Since all units are gathered together to form one big script, it is recommended
+(hence enforced by \fImetalint\fR) that every unit file end with an empty line.
+"last line not ending with a new-line character."
+This is merely intended to users whose editor does not always append a
+new-line at the end of text files. Should not happen when you use \fIvi\fR.
+"symbol '\$xxx' was not described."
+The shell symbol defined by this unit was not documented. Use the \fIdescribe\fR
+lint hint to suppress this message.
+"C symbol 'XXX' was not described."
+The C symbol defined by this unit was not documented. Use the \fIknown\fR lint
+hint to suppress this message.
+"C symbol 'XXX' was not defined by any ?H: line."
+A C symbol was advertised by never defined, hence it cannot appear in the
+\fIconfig.h\fR file and is therefore useless...
+"variable '\$xxx' should have been set."
+A variable listed on the make line as made by the unit was not set by the
+shell code body. Use the \fIset\fR lint hint to suppress this message in
+pathological cases.
+"unused dependency variable '\$xxx'."
+Apparently no usage is made from a shell variable. Use the \fIchange\fR or
+\fIuse\fR lint hints (depending on the situation) to suppress this message.
+"unused conditional variable '\$xxx'.
+Apparently no usage is made from this conditional dependency. The \fIchange\fR
+or \fIuse\fR lint hints can be used to suppress this message.
+"unused temporary variable '\$xxx'."
+A variable declared as temporary in a ?T: line is not used. The \fIuse\fR lint
+hint will fool \fImetalint\fR into thinking it's indeed used.
+"unknown control sequence '?XXX:'."
+Attempt to use an unknown control sequence.
+"unknown LINT request '$xxx' ignored."
+An unknown ?LINT: tag was used. All such tags must be spelled out in lowercase.
+"symbol '\$xxx' has no default value."
+A symbol used as a conditional dependency in some unit has no default value
+set by a ?D: line.
+"stale ?MAKE: dependency 'xxx'."
+Unit lists a symbol as a dependency, but that symbol is otherwise unknown, i.e.
+never appears as made by any other unit.
+"symbol '\$xxx' missing from ?MAKE."
+A symbol used or defined was not listed as a dependency in the ?MAKE: line.
+"missing xxx from ?MAKE for visible '\$yyy'."
+A symbol defined as visible by a special unit is used, but that special unit
+is not part of the dependency line.
+"stale ?M: dependency 'xxx'."
+Magic line lists a C symbol as a dependency but that symbol is not known
+by any unit.
+"unknown symbol '\$xxx'."
+I have no idea about what this symbol is. If the variable is externally
+define, this warning can be suppresed via a proper ?LINT: extern.
+"read-only symbol '\$xxx' is set."
+A symbol that should be read-only is set by the unit's shell code body.
+"obsolete symbol 'xxx' is used."
+An obsolete symbol is used in the unit's shell code.
+"undeclared symbol '\$xxx' is set."
+The unit tries to set a shell variable which has not been otherwise declared
+as made or as a temporary variable, or whatever.
+"meaningful shell character '>' in comment line."
+A shell charcter like '>' or ';' was found on a : comment line, which
+is parsed by the shell, although not executed. Therefore, those symbols
+are dangerous and can cause weird behaviour, and should be avoided if
+"unmatched single quote in comment line."
+The : comment line is parsed by the shell, so any unmatched quote will
+result in having a chunk of the produced Configure script ignored at
+interpretation time, causing trouble at best. A similar message will
+be issued for unmatched double quotes.
+"C symbol 'xxx' is defined in the following units:"
+The C symbol is defined in more that one unit. Offending units are listed.
+"Shell symbol 'xxx' is defined in the following units:"
+A shell symbol is defined in more than one unit. Offending units folllow.
+"Shell symbol 'xxx' is altogether:"
+A shell symbol is defined by some units, obsoleted by others and used as
+a temporary.
+"Shell symbol 'xxx' is both defined and obsoleted:"
+Self explainatory.
+"Shell symbol 'xxx' is both defined and used as temporary:"
+Self explainatory.
+"Shell symbol 'xxx' obsoleted also used as temporary:"
+Self explainatory.
+"definition of '\$xxx' not closed by '?S:.'."
+Self explainatory.
+"definition of 'XXX' not closed by '?C:.'."
+Self explainatory.
+"magic definition of 'xxx' not closed by '?M:.'."
+Self explainatory.
+"variable '\$xxx' is defined externally."
+A variable defined externally (i.e. in another unit) is used, without proper
+dependency information. Use the \fIextern\fR lint hint to suppress this message.
+"file 'xxx' was not created."
+A file listed as a private UU file is not created by the special unit.
+Creation is detected by seing an explicit shell redirection to the file,
+not by an implicit creation (such as a C compilation would for instance).
+All special units should create only shell scripts explicitely anyway so this
+message cannot be suppressed via a lint hint.
+"local file 'xxx' may override the one set by 'unit.U'."
+You are attempting to create a local file, but the special unit creates one
+bearing the exact same name and should it be loaded before
+within \fIConfigure\fR, you would override that file. Change the name of your
+local file.
+"unused temporary file 'xxx'.
+The file was declared on the ?F: line but does not appear to be used
+"mis-used temporary file 'xxx'.
+A local temporary file has been declared on the ?F: line and is used in
+a way that may not be the proper one. Indeed, all such local files should
+be called with an explicit relative path, to avoid PATH lookups which could
+get you another file.
+"you might not always get file 'xxx' from 'unit.U'."
+You seem to be calling the specified file, but not by using an explicit
+relative pathname. Relying on the PATH to find this file is not safe.
+To fix this problem, call your file using somthing like \fI./xxx\fR.
+"missing Unit from ?MAKE for private file 'xxx'."
+You are using a private UU file without listing the special unit that
+produces it in your dependency line. Add the unit to your dependency list.
+"unknown private file 'xxx'."
+The file does not appear on any ?F: line; however it should.
+"File 'xxx' is defined in the following units:"
+The listed units cannot seem to agree on who is defining the file.
+"Cycle found for:"
+There is a dependency cycle found for the symbols listed. Only the symbols
+involved in the cycle are listed.
+"Cycle involves:"
+An exerpt of the dependencies where the cycle was found is listed. This may
+involve far more symbols than the previous message, because \fImetalint\fR
+actually rescans the rules to emphasize the cycle and stops whenever it has
+found one, i.e. it does not try to minimize it (the cycle is found using
+another algorithm, which unfortunately cannot spit it out but only say
+for sure there is one).
+.I Metalint
+uses the following control lines, which are otherwise ignored by
+.TP 5
+?V:\fIread-only symbols\fR:\fIread-write symbols\fR
+This line should be used only in special units. It lists all the shell
+variable defined by the unit which should not be used directly as dependencies
+by other units: they must include this special unit in their dependency list
+if they make use of any of the symbols described here. Those can be viewed
+as exported symbols which you inherit from when depending from the unit.
+Symbols may be exported read-only or read-write.
+?F:\fIfiles created\fR
+This line serves two purposes: it is a \fImetalint\fR hint, and also
+a placeholder for future \fIjmake\fR use. It must list three kind of files:
+the temporary one which are created for a test, the private UU ones created
+in the UU directory for later perusal, and the public ones left in the
+root directory of the package. Temporary files must be listed with a
+preceding '!' character (meaning "no! they're not re-used later!"), private
+UU files should be preceded by a './' (meaning: to use them, say \fI./file\fR,
+not just \fIfile\fR), and public ones should be named as-is.
+?T:\fIshell temporaries\fR
+This line should list all the shell variables used as temporaries within
+the unit's body. This line should be kept accurate, and prevents you from
+writing a unit defining a symbol which would be used as a scratch variable
+in another unit...
+?LINT:\fIkeyword\fR \fIsymbol_list\fR
+Specifies a lint hint. The following keywords are available:
+.RS +10
+.TP 15
+.PD 0
+.I change
+shell variable ok to be changed
+.I create
+persistent file ok to be created by non-special unit
+.I define
+shell variables listed are defined in this unit
+.I describe
+listed shell variables are described by ?S:
+.I extern
+variable known to be externally defined
+.I empty
+unit file is empty and kept only as a placeholder.
+.I known
+listed C variables are described
+.I set
+listed variables are set
+.I use
+variables listed are used by this unit
+.RS -10
+Harlan Stenn <> wrote the first version, based on
+Larry Wall's \fImetaconfig\fR from dist 2.0.
+Raphael Manfredi <> rewrote it from scratch for
+3.0 with a few enhancements.
+.TP 10
+.PD 0
+Public unit files
+Private unit files
+.sp +5
+where LIB is $privlibexp. -5
+metaconfig($manext), metaxref($manext)
+chmod 444 metalint.$manext