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* upgrade(new git snapshot): Ack NMUs and refresh fromn githubManoj Srivastava2020-05-19
* [master]: An administrative and cleanup releasedebian/1%3.5-36.0001-3archive/debian/1%3.5-36.0001-3Manoj Srivastava2018-02-25
* [master]: Administrative releaseManoj Srivastava2018-02-25
* [master]: Update the standards version and vcs git fieldsManoj Srivastava2016-01-14
* [master]: New upstream releaseManoj Srivastava2014-04-27
* [master[: First step towards moving to a new build system.Manoj Srivastava2014-04-27
* [master]: Incorporate changes made in NMUs.Manoj Srivastava2014-04-27
* Fix aborting if question not sen.Manoj Srivastava2009-11-01
* Fix a problem with prompting the user.Manoj Srivastava2009-11-01
* Fix an annoying lintian warning.Manoj Srivastava2009-10-31
* New bug fixing releaseManoj Srivastava2009-10-30
* New upstram minor point release.Manoj Srivastava2009-10-30
* Add optional get-orig-source targetManoj Srivastava2009-10-15
* Fix race conditions in debian/rules, and allow overrides to the parallel builds.Manoj Srivastava2009-04-16
* New upstream release.Manoj Srivastava2008-11-25
* Minor lintian fix.Manoj Srivastava2008-10-06
* New release fixing an RC bug.Manoj Srivastava2008-08-29
* Added the debian submodule.Manoj Srivastava2008-05-30