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* Use new project public location, along with change from SVN to git.Raphael Manfredi2018-06-05
* Spelling: it is explicitly without e in both US and UK English (#2)H.Merijn Brand2016-05-22
* Remove trailing whitespace in meta-lines in units (#3)H.Merijn Brand2016-05-22
* Fixed spelling: Licence -> License.rmanfredi2013-05-08
* Jumbo typo-fixing patch, courtesy of H.Merijn Brand.rmanfredi2013-05-08
* Updated new SVN URL for the dist code.rmanfredi2013-05-08
* Moved computation of the filename position in cpp output from Findhdr.U tormanfredi2010-11-28
* Restored initial PATH settings removed by the mega patch.rmanfredi2010-11-27
* Applied mega patch from Christian Biere to greatly improve feature detectionrmanfredi2010-11-27
* SVN revision number is now automatically generated in "revision.h".rmanfredi2008-05-28
* Advertise SVN's repository for dist in every generated Configure script.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Moving project to sourceforge.rmanfredi2006-08-24