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* Fix an error due to misintertpreting .MT/*Manoj Srivastava2009-10-30
* Merge branch 'upstream' into topic--man-fixesManoj Srivastava2009-10-30
| * Imported dist_3.5-30.orig.tar.gzManoj Srivastava2009-10-30
* | [topic--man-fixes]: Fix man page comment schemaManoj Srivastava2009-10-30
* SVN revision number is now automatically generated in "revision.h".rmanfredi2008-05-28
* Regenerated all Makefile.SH files.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Removed obsoleted ">VAR" lines requesting that the symbol be included.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Let metaconfig use the MANIFEST file if there is no
* Added keyword substitution property.rmanfredi2006-08-25
* Moving project to sourceforge.rmanfredi2006-08-24