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* upgrade(new git snapshot): Ack NMUs and refresh fromn githubManoj Srivastava2020-05-19
* Fix bug when $exclusions_file is specified in .package fileAaron Crane2020-04-26
* Consistently use "file" in -X usage helpAaron Crane2017-10-24
* Allow exclusions file to be named in .packageAaron Crane2017-10-24
* Support "-X exclusions-file" option in metaxrefAaron Crane2017-10-24
* Switched to Getopt::Std.rmanfredi2012-01-28
* Force extraction of the revision from $TOP/revision.h.rmanfredi2010-11-28
* SVN revision number is now automatically generated in "revision.h".rmanfredi2008-05-28
* Perl 5.10 no longer supports "$*" anywhere... even in the initial exec linermanfredi2008-05-28
* Taught metaxref to use MANIFEST if is missing.rmanfredi2006-11-04
* Moving project to sourceforge.rmanfredi2006-08-24