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NEWS: mention 'timedatectl show'
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@@ -220,9 +220,10 @@ CHANGES WITH 239 in spe:
example, "elogind-tmpfiles --cat-config" will now output the full
list of tmpfiles.d/ lines in place.
- * timedatectl gained two new verbs "timesync-status" (to show the
- current NTP synchronization state of elogind-timesyncd) and
- "show-timesync" (to show bus properties of elogind-timesyncd).
+ * timedatectl gained three new verbs: "show" shows bus properties of
+ elogind-timedated, "timesync-status" shows the current NTP
+ synchronization state of elogind-timesyncd, and "show-timesync"
+ shows bus properties of elogind-timesyncd.
* elogind-timesyncd gained a bus interface on which it exposes details
about its state.