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NEWS: start putting together an entry for v237
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don't exist yet, and only then the argument string is written to the
+ * A new environment variable $SYSTEMD_OFFLINE is now understood by
+ systemctl. It takes a boolean argument. If on, systemctl assumes it
+ operates on an "offline" OS tree, and will not attempt to talk to the
+ service manager. Previously, this mode was implicitly enabled if a
+ chroot() environment was detected, and this new environment variable
+ now provides explicit control.
+ * .path and .socket units may now be created transiently,
+ too. Previously only service, mount, automount and timer units were
+ supported as transient units. The elogind-run tool has been updated
+ to expose this new functionality, you may hence use it now to bind
+ arbitrary commands to path or socket activation on-the-fly from the
+ command line. Moreover, for the unit types already supporting
+ transient operation most properties are now hooked up.
+ * The elogind-mount command gained support for a new --owner= parameter
+ which takes a user name, which is then resolved and included in uid=
+ and gid= mount options string of the file system to mount.
+ * A new unit condition ConditionControlGroupController= has been added
+ that checks whether a specific cgroup controller is available.
+ * Unit files, udev's .link files, and elogind-networkd's .netdev and
+ .network files all gained support for a new condition
+ ConditionKernelVersion= for checking against specific kernel
+ versions.
+ * In elogind-networkd, the [IPVLAN] section in .netdev files gained
+ support for configuring device flags in the Flags= setting In the
+ same files, the [Tunnel] section gained support for configuring
+ AllowLocalRemote=. The [Route] section in .network files gained
+ support for configuring InitialCongestionWindow=,
+ InitialAdvertisedReceiveWindow= and QuickAck=. The [DHCP] section now
+ understands RapidCommit=.
+ * elogind-networkd's DHCPv6 support gained support for Prefix
+ Delegation.
+ * sd-bus gained support for a new "watch-bind" feature. When this
+ feature is enabled, an sd_bus connection may be set up to connect to
+ an AF_UNIX socket in the file system as soon as it is created. This
+ functionality is useful for writing early-boot services that
+ automatically connect to the system bus as soon as it is started,
+ without ugly time-based polling. elogind-networkd and
+ elogind-resolved have been updated to make use of this
+ functionality. busctl exposes this functionality in a new
+ --watch-bind= command line switch.
+ * sd-bus will now optionally synthesize a local "Connected" signal as
+ soon as a D-Bus connection is set up fully. This message mirrors the
+ already existing "Disconnected" signal which is synthesized when the
+ connection is terminated. This signal is generally useful but
+ particularly handy in combination with the "watch-bind" feature
+ described above. Synthesizing of this message has to be requested
+ explicitly through the new API call sd_bus_set_connected_signal(). In
+ addition a new call sd_bus_is_ready() has been added that checks
+ wether a connection is fully set up (i.e. between the "Connected" and
+ "Disconnected" signals).
+ * sd-bus gained two new calls sd_bus_request_name_async() and
+ sd_bus_release_name_async() for asynchronously registering bus
+ names. Similar, there is now sd_bus_add_match_async() for installing
+ a signal match asynchronously. All of elogind's own services have
+ been updated to make use of these calls. Doing these operations
+ asynchronously has two benefits: it reduces the risk of deadlocks in
+ case of cyclic dependencies between bus services, and it speeds up
+ service initialization since synchronization points for bus
+ round-trips are removed.
+ * sd-bus gained two new calls sd_bus_match_signal() and
+ sd_bus_match_signal_async(), which are similar to sd_bus_add_match()
+ and sd_bus_add_match_async() but instead of taking a D-Bus match
+ string take match fields as normal function parameters.
+ * sd-bus gained two new calls sd_bus_set_sender() and
+ sd_bus_message_set_sender() for setting the sender name of outgoing
+ messages (either for all outgoing messages or for just one specific
+ one). These calls are only useful in direct connections as on
+ brokered connections the broker fills in the sender anyway,
+ overwriting whatever the client filled in.
+ * sd-event gained a new pseudo-handle that may be specified on all API
+ calls where an "sd_event*" object is expected: SD_EVENT_DEFAULT. When
+ used this refers to the default event loop object of the calling
+ thread. Note however that this does not implicitly allocate one —
+ which has to be done prior by using sd_event_default(). Similar
+ sd-bus gained a three new pseudo-handles SD_BUS_DEFAULT,
+ SD_BUS_DEFAULT_USER, SD_BUS_DEFAULT_SYSTEM that may be used to refer
+ to the default bus of the specified type of the calling thread. Here
+ too this does not implicitly allocate bus connection objects, this
+ has to be done prior with sd_bus_default() and friends.
+ * sd-event gained a new call pair
+ sd_event_source_{get|set}_io_fd_own(). This may be used to optionally
+ automatically close the file descriptor an IO event source watches
+ when the event source is destroyed.
+ * elogind-networkd gained support for natively configuring WireGuard
+ connections.
+ * Already in previous versions elogind synthesized user records both
+ for the "nobody" (UID 65534) and "root" (UID 0) users in nss-elogind
+ and internally. In order to simplify distribution-wide renames of the
+ "nobody" user (like it is planned in Fedora: nfsnobody → nobody), a
+ new transitional flag file has been added: if
+ /etc/elogind/dont-synthesize-nobody exists synthesizing of the 65534
+ user and group record within the elogind codebase is disabled.
+ * elogind-notify gained a new --uid= option for selecting the source
+ user/UID to use for notification messages sent to the service
+ manager.
+ * There's now a "elogind-analyze service-watchdogs" command for turning
+ on or off the per-service watchdogs system-wide (i.e. the concept you
+ configure in WatchdogSec=), for debugging purposes. There's also a
+ kernel command line option elogind.service_watchdogs= for controlling
+ the same.
+ Contributions from: Adam Duskett, Alan Jenkins, Alexander Kuleshov,
+ Alexis Deruelle, Armin Widegreen, bleep_blop, Bruce A. Johnson, Chris
+ Down, Colin Walters, Dimitri John Ledkov, Dmitry Rozhkov, Ewout van
+ Mansom, Felipe Sateler, Franck Bui, Frantisek Sumsal, George Gaydarov,
+ Gianluca Boiano, Hans-Christian Noren Egtvedt, Hans de Goede, Henrik
+ Grindal Bakken, Jan Alexander Steffens, Jan Klötzke, jdkbx, Jérémy
+ Rosen, Jerónimo Borque, John Lin, John Paul Herold, Jonathan Rudenberg,
+ Jörg Thalheim, Ken (Bitsko) MacLeod, Larry Bernstone, Lennart
+ Poettering, Lucas Werkmeister, Maciej S. Szmigiero, Marek Čermák,
+ Martin Pitt, Mathieu Malaterre, Matthew Thode, Matthias-Christian Ott,
+ Max Harmathy, Michael Biebl, Michal Koutný, Michal Sekletar, Michał
+ Szczepański, Mike Gilbert, Nathaniel McCallum, Olaf Hering, Olivier
+ Schwander, Patrik Flykt, Paul Cercueil, Peter Hutterer, Piotr Drąg,
+ Reverend Homer, Robert Kolchmeyer, Samuel Dionne-Riel, Sergey
+ Ptashnick, Shawn Landden, Susant Sahani, Sylvain Plantefève, Thomas
+ Huth, Tomasz Bachorski, Vladislav Vishnyakov, Wieland Hoffmann, Yu
+ Watanabe, Zachary Winnerman, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Дамјан
+ Георгиевски, Дилян Палаузов
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