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Porting systemd To New Distributions
You need to make the follow changes to adapt systemd to your
@@ -22,15 +23,35 @@ Porting systemd To New Distributions
and you should be able to find the places where you need to
add/change things.
- 4) Try it out.
+ 4) Try it out. Play around with 'systemd --test
+ --running-as=init' for a test run of systemd without
+ booting. This will read the unit files and print the initial
+ transaction it would execute during boot-up. This will also
+ inform you about ordering loops and suchlike.
We are interested in merging your changes upstream, if they
are for a big, and well-known distribution. Unfortunately we
don't have the time and resources to maintain
distribution-specific patches for all distributions on the
- planet, hence please do not send us patches that adds systemd
- support to non-mainstream or niche distributions.
+ planet, hence please do not send us patches that add systemd
+ support for non-mainstream or niche distributions.
Thank you for understanding.
+ We'd like to keep differences between the distributions
+ minimal. This both simplifies our maintainance work, as well
+ as it helps administrators to move from one distribution to
+ another.
+ Hence we'd like to ask you to keep your changes minimal, and
+ not rename any units without a very good reason (if you need a
+ particular name for compatibility reasons, consider using
+ alias names via symlinks). Before you make changes that change
+ semantics from upstream, please talk to us!
+ In SysV almost every distribution uses a different
+ nomenclature and different locations for the boot-up
+ scripts. We'd like to avoid chaos like that with systemd right
+ from the beginning. So please, be considerate!