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build-sys: change all HAVE_DECL_ macros to HAVE_
This is a legacy of autotools, where one detection routine used a different prefix then the others. $ git grep -e HAVE_DECL_ -l|xargs sed -i s/HAVE_DECL_/HAVE_/g
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@@ -24,8 +24,33 @@ Janitorial Clean-ups:
+* maybe set a new set of env vars for services, based on RuntimeDirectory=,
+ StateDirectory=, LogsDirectory=, CacheDirectory= and ConfigurationDirectory=
+ automatically. For example, there could be $RUNTIME_DIRECTORY,
+ $CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY or so. This could be useful to write services that
+ can adapt to varying directories for these purposes. Special care has to be
+ taken if multiple dirs are configured. Maybe avoid setting the env vars in
+ that case?
+* In a similar vein, consider adding unit specifiers that resolve to the root
+ directory used for state, logs, cache and configuration
+ directory. i.e. similar to %t, but for the root of the other special dirs.
+* expose IO accounting data on the bus, show it in systemd-run --wait and log
+ about it in the resource log message
+* add "systemctl purge" for flushing out configuration, state, logs, ... of a
+ unit when it is stopped
+* show whether a service has out-of-date configuration in "systemctl status" by
+ using mtime data of ConfigurationDirectory=.
* replace all uses of fgets() + LINE_MAX by read_line()
+* set IPAddressDeny=any on all services that shouldn't do networking (possibly
+ combined with IPAddressAllow=localhost).
* dissect: when we discover squashfs, don't claim we had a "writable" partition
in systemd-dissect
@@ -160,9 +185,6 @@ Features:
* DeviceAllow= should also generate seccomp filters for mknod()
-* Add DataDirectory=, CacheDirectory= and LogDirectory= to match
- RuntimeDirectory=, and create it as necessary when starting a service, owned by the right user.
* make sure the ratelimit object can deal with USEC_INFINITY as way to turn off things
* journalctl: make sure -f ends when the container indicated by -M terminates
@@ -714,6 +736,8 @@ Features:
* create /sbin/init symlinks from the build system
+* add a dependency on standard-conf.xml and other included files to man pages
* MountFlags=shared acts as MountFlags=slave right now.
* properly handle loop back mounts via fstab, especially regards to fsck/passno