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Prep v240: Add check for qsort_r() and the function if not provided.
As elogind supports musl-libc, we have to remedy the situation that upstream decided to make use of qsort_r(). This function is not provided by musl-libc, so we have to provide an own variant. The variant is an adaption of the qsort_r() algorithm found in glibc-2.28, the disclaimer from their source files have been added. Bug: #83 Signed-off-by: Sven Eden <>
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diff --git a/cb/elogind.cbp b/cb/elogind.cbp
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--- a/cb/elogind.cbp
+++ b/cb/elogind.cbp
@@ -862,6 +862,10 @@
<Option compilerVar="CC" />
<Unit filename="../src/shared/output-mode.h" />
+ <Unit filename="../src/shared/qsort_r_missing.c">
+ <Option compilerVar="CC" />
+ </Unit>
+ <Unit filename="../src/shared/qsort_r_missing.h" />
<Unit filename="../src/shared/sleep-config.c">
<Option compilerVar="CC" />