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authorZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <>2017-10-03 10:32:34 +0200
committerSven Eden <>2017-11-22 08:26:56 +0100
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build-sys: change all HAVE_DECL_ macros to HAVE_
This is a legacy of autotools, where one detection routine used a different prefix then the others. $ git grep -e HAVE_DECL_ -l|xargs sed -i s/HAVE_DECL_/HAVE_/g
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diff --git a/src/basic/string-util.c b/src/basic/string-util.c
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--- a/src/basic/string-util.c
+++ b/src/basic/string-util.c
@@ -830,7 +830,7 @@ int free_and_strdup(char **p, const char *s) {
return 1;
* Pointer to memset is volatile so that compiler must de-reference
* the pointer and can't assume that it points to any function in