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nspawn: fallback on bind mount when mknod fails
Some systems abusively restrict mknod, even when the device node already exists in /dev. This is unfortunate because it prevents systemd-nspawn from creating the basic devices in /dev in the container. This patch implements a workaround: when mknod fails, fallback on bind mounts. Additionally, /dev/console was created with a mknod with the same major/minor as /dev/null before bind mounting a pts on it. This patch removes the mknod and creates an empty regular file instead. In order to test this patch, I used the following configuration, which I think should replicate the system with the abusive restriction on mknod: # grep devices /proc/self/cgroup 4:devices:/user.slice/restrict # cat /sys/fs/cgroup/devices/user.slice/restrict/devices.list c 1:9 r c 5:2 rw c 136:* rw # systemd-nspawn --register=false -D . v2: - remove "bind", it is not needed since there is already MS_BIND v3: - fix error management when calling touch() - fix lowercase in error message
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