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Classify processes from sessions into cgroups
Create a private cgroup tree associated with no controllers, and use it to map PIDs to sessions. Since we use our own path structure, remove internal cgroup-related helpers that interpret the cgroup path structure to pull out users, slices, and scopes.
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diff --git a/src/systemd/sd-bus.h b/src/systemd/sd-bus.h
index 4ed197e59..fcb518317 100644
--- a/src/systemd/sd-bus.h
+++ b/src/systemd/sd-bus.h
@@ -363,7 +363,7 @@ int sd_bus_creds_has_effective_cap(sd_bus_creds *c, int capability);
// UNNEEDED int sd_bus_creds_has_inheritable_cap(sd_bus_creds *c, int capability);
// UNNEEDED int sd_bus_creds_has_bounding_cap(sd_bus_creds *c, int capability);
int sd_bus_creds_get_selinux_context(sd_bus_creds *c, const char **context);
-// UNNEEDED int sd_bus_creds_get_audit_session_id(sd_bus_creds *c, uint32_t *sessionid);
+int sd_bus_creds_get_audit_session_id(sd_bus_creds *c, uint32_t *sessionid);
int sd_bus_creds_get_audit_login_uid(sd_bus_creds *c, uid_t *loginuid);
int sd_bus_creds_get_tty(sd_bus_creds *c, const char **tty);
// UNNEEDED int sd_bus_creds_get_unique_name(sd_bus_creds *c, const char **name);