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systemd System and Service Manager
+ * Meson is now supported as build system in addition to Automake. It is
+ our plan to remove Automake in one of our next releases, so that
+ Meson becomes our exclusive build system. Hence, please start using
+ the Meson build system in your downstream packaging. There's plenty
+ of documentation around how to use Meson, the extremely brief
+ summary:
+ ./ && ./configure && make && sudo make install
+ becomes:
+ meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install
+ * Unit files gained support for a new JobRunningTimeoutUSec= setting,
+ which permits configuring a timeout on the time a job is
+ running. This is particularly useful for setting timeouts on jobs for
+ .device units.
+ * Unit files gained two new options ConditionUser= and ConditionGroup=
+ for conditionalizing units based on the identity of the user/group
+ running a systemd user instance.
+ * systemd-networkd now understands a new FlowLabel= setting in the
+ [VXLAN] section of .network files, as well as a Priority= in
+ [Bridge], GVRP= + MVRP= + LooseBinding= + ReorderHeader= in [VLAN]
+ and GatewayOnlink= + IPv6Preference= + Protocol= in [Route]. It also
+ gained support for configuration of GENEVE links, and IPv6 address
+ labels. The [Network] section gained the new IPv6ProxyNDP= setting.
+ * .link files now understand a new Port= setting.
+ * systemd-networkd's DHCP support gained support for DHCP option 119
+ (domain search list).
+ * systemd-networkd gained support for serving IPv6 address ranges using
+ the Router Advertisment protocol. The new .network configuration
+ section [IPv6Prefix] may be used to configure the ranges to
+ serve. This is implemented based on a new, minimal, native server
+ implementation of RA.
+ * journalctl's --output= switch gained support for a new parameter
+ "short-iso-precise" for a mode where timestamps are shown as precise
+ ISO date values.
+ * systemd-udevd's "net_id" builtin may now generate stable network
+ interface names from IBM PowerVM VIO devices as well as ACPI platform
+ devices.
+ * MulticastDNS support in systemd-resolved may now be explicitly
+ enabled/disabled using the new MulticastDNS= configuration file
+ option.
+ * systemd-resolved may now optionally use libidn2 instead of the libidn
+ for processing internationalized domain names. Support for libidn2
+ should be considered experimental and should not be enabled by
+ default yet.
+ * "machinectl pull-tar" and related call may now do verification of
+ downloaded images using SUSE-style .sha256 checksum files in addition
+ to the already existing support for validating using Ubuntu-style
+ SHA256SUMS files.
+ * sd-bus gained support for a new sd_bus_message_appendv() call which
+ is va_list equivalent of sd_bus_message_append().
+ * sd-boot gained support for validating images using SHIM/MOK.
+ * The SMACK code learnt support for "onlycap".
+ * systemd-mount --umount is now much smarter in figuring out how to
+ properly unmount a device given its mount or device path.
+ * The code to call libnss_dns as a fallback from libnss_resolve when
+ the communication with systemd-resolved fails was removed. This
+ fallback was redundant and interfered with the [!UNAVAIL=return]
+ suffix. See nss-resolve(8) for the recommended configuration.
+ * systemd-logind may now be restarted without losing state. It stores
+ the file descriptors for devices it manages in the system manager
+ using the FDSTORE= mechanism. Please note that further changes in
+ other components may be required to make use of this (for example
+ Xorg has code to listen for stops of systemd-logind and terminate
+ itself when logind is stopped or restarted, in order to avoid using
+ stale file descriptors for graphical devices, which is now
+ counterproductive and must be reverted in order for restarts of
+ systemd-logind to be safe. See
+ * All kernel install plugins are called with the environment variable
+ KERNEL_INSTALL_MACHINE_ID which is set to the machine ID given by
+ /etc/machine-id. If the file is missing or empty, the variable is
+ empty and BOOT_DIR_ABS is the path of a temporary directory which is
+ removed after all the plugins exit. So, if KERNEL_INSTALL_MACHINE_ID
+ is empty, all plugins should not put anything in BOOT_DIR_ABS.
+ Contributions from: Adrian Heine né Lang, Aggelos Avgerinos, Alexander
+ Kurtz, Alexandros Frantzis, Alexey Brodkin, Alex Lu, Amir Pakdel, Amir
+ Yalon, Anchor Cat, Anthony Parsons, Bastien Nocera, Benjamin Gilbert,
+ Benjamin Robin, Boucman, Charles Plessy, Chris Chiu, Chris Lamb,
+ Christian Brauner, Christian Hesse, Colin Walters, Daniel Drake,
+ Danielle Church, Daniel Molkentin, Daniel Rusek, Daniel Wang, Davide
+ Cavalca, David Herrmann, David Michael, Dax Kelson, Dimitri John
+ Ledkov, Djalal Harouni, Dušan Kazik, Elias Probst, Evgeny Vereshchagin,
+ Federico Di Pierro, Felipe Sateler, Felix Zhang, Franck Bui, Gary
+ Tierney, George McCollister, Giedrius Statkevičius, Hans de Goede,
+ hecke, Hendrik Westerberg, Hristo Venev, Ian Wienand, Insun Pyo, Ivan
+ Shapovalov, James Cowgill, James Hemsing, Janne Heß, Jan Synacek, Jason
+ Reeder, João Paulo Rechi Vita, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, Jörg
+ Thalheim, Josef Andersson, Josef Gajdusek, Julian Mehne, Kai Krakow,
+ Krzysztof Jackiewicz, Lars Karlitski, Lennart Poettering, Lluís Gili,
+ Lucas Werkmeister, Lukáš Nykrýn, Łukasz Stelmach, Mantas Mikulėnas,
+ Marcin Bachry, Marcus Cooper, Mark Stosberg, Martin Pitt, Matija Skala,
+ Matt Clarkson, Matthew Garrett, Matthias Greiner, Matthijs van Duin,
+ Max Resch, Michael Biebl, Michal Koutný, Michal Sekletar, Michal
+ Soltys, Michal Suchanek, Mike Gilbert, Nate Clark, Nathaniel R. Lewis,
+ Neil Brown, Nikolai Kondrashov, Pascal S. de Kloe, Pat Riehecky, Patrik
+ Flykt, Paul Kocialkowski, Peter Hutterer, Philip Withnall, Piotr
+ Szydełko, Rafael Fontenelle, Ray Strode, Richard Maw, Roelf Wichertjes,
+ Ronny Chevalier, Sarang S. Dalal, Sjoerd Simons, slodki, Stefan
+ Schweter, Susant Sahani, Ted Wood, Thomas Blume, Thomas Haller, Thomas
+ H. P. Andersen, Timothée Ravier, Tobias Jungel, Tobias Stoeckmann, Tom
+ Gundersen, Tom Yan, Torstein Husebø, Umut Tezduyar Lindskog,
+ userwithuid, Vito Caputo, Waldemar Brodkorb, WaLyong Cho, Yu, Li-Yu,
+ Yusuke Nojima, Yu Watanabe, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Дамјан
+ Георгиевски
+ — Berlin, 2017-07-12
+ * This version requires at least gperf 3.1 for building, 3.0 is not
+ sufficient.
* The "hybrid" control group mode has been modified to improve
compatibility with "legacy" cgroups-v1 setups. Specifically, the
"hybrid" setup of /sys/fs/cgroup is now pretty much identical to
@@ -348,7 +481,7 @@ CHANGES WITH 233:
these NTP servers officially. We still recommend downstreams to
properly register an NTP pool with the NTP pool project though.
- * coredumpctl gained new new "--reverse" option for printing the list
+ * coredumpctl gained a new "--reverse" option for printing the list
of coredumps in reverse order.
* coredumpctl will now show additional information about truncated and
@@ -3315,7 +3448,7 @@ CHANGES WITH 216:
like Cockpit which register web clients as PAM sessions.
* timer units with at least one OnCalendar= setting will now
- be started only after has been
+ be started only after has been
reached. This way they will not elapse before the system
clock has been corrected by a local NTP client or
similar. This is particular useful on RTC-less embedded