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@@ -33,15 +33,55 @@ Janitorial Clean-ups:
+* make sure bash completion uses journalctl --fields to get fields list
+* use phyical_memory() to allow MemoryLimit= configuration based on available system memory
+* ProtectKernelLogs= (drops CAP_SYSLOG, add seccomp for syslog() syscall, and DeviceAllow to /dev/kmsg) in service files
+* ProtectClock= (drops CAP_SYS_TIMES, adds seecomp filters for settimeofday, adjtimex), sets DeviceAllow o /dev/rtc
+* ProtectMount= (drop mount/umount/pivot_root from seccomp, disallow fuse via DeviceAllow, imply Mountflags=slave)
+* ProtectDevices= should also take iopl/ioperm/pciaccess away
+* ProtectKeyRing= to take keyring calls away
+* RestrictNamespaces= or so in services (taking away the ability to create namespaces, with setns, unshare, clone)
+* IAID field must move from [Link] to [DHCP] section in .network files
+* make sure the ratelimit object can deal with USEC_INFINITY as way to turn off things
+* journalctl: make sure -f ends when the container indicated by -M terminates
+* rework fopen_temporary() to make use of open_tmpfile_linkable() (problem: the
+ kernel doesn't support linkat() that replaces existing files, currently)
+* check if DeviceAllow= should split first, resolve specifiers later
+* transient units: don't bother with actually setting unit properties, we
+ reload the unit file anyway
+* make sure resolved can be restarted without losing pushed-in dns config
+* journald: sigbus API via a signal-handler safe function that people may call
+ from the SIGBUS handler
+* when using UTF8, ellipsize with "…" rather than "...", so that we can show more contents before truncating
+* move specifier expansion from service_spawn() into load-fragment.c
+* optionally, also require WATCHDOG=1 notifications during service start-up and shutdown
+* resolved: maybe, after all, implement local listening for DNS packets on port
* delay activation of logind until somebody logs in, or when /dev/tty0 pulls it
in or lingering is on (so that containers don't bother with it until PAM is used). also exit-on-idle
* cache sd_event_now() result from before the first iteration...
-* remove Capabilities=, after all AmbientCapabilities= and CapabilityBoundingSet= should be enough.
-* support for the new copy_file_range() syscall
* add systemctl stop --job-mode=triggering that follows TRIGGERED_BY deps and adds them to the same transaction
* Maybe add a way how users can "pin" units into memory, so that they are not subject to automatic GC?
@@ -49,11 +89,9 @@ Features:
* PID1: find a way how we can reload unit file configuration for
specific units only, without reloading the whole of systemd
-* add an explicit parser for LimitNICE= and LimitRTPRIO= that verifies
+* add an explicit parser for LimitRTPRIO= that verifies
the specified range and generates sane error messages for incorrect
- specifications. Also, for LimitNICE= maybe introduce a syntax such
- as "+5" or "-7" in order to make the limits more readable as they
- are otherwise shifted by 20.
+ specifications.
* do something about "/control" subcgroups in the unified cgroup hierarchy
@@ -61,12 +99,6 @@ Features:
* push CPUAffinity= also into the "cpuset" cgroup controller (only after the cpuset controller got ported to the unified hierarchy)
-* add a new command "systemctl revert" or so, that removes all dropin
- snippets in /run and /etc, and all unit files with counterparts in
- /usr, and thus undoes what "systemctl set-property" and "systemctl
- edit" create. Maybe even add "systemctl revert -a" to do this for
- all units.
* PID 1 should send out sd_notify("WATCHDOG=1") messages (for usage in the --user mode, and when run via nspawn)
* consider throwing a warning if a service declares it wants to be "Before=" a .device unit.
@@ -80,9 +112,6 @@ Features:
* install: include generator dirs in unit file search paths
-* rework C11 utf8.[ch] to use char32_t instead of uint32_t when referring
- to unicode chars, to make things more expressive.
* fstab-generator: default to tmpfs-as-root if only usr= is specified on the kernel cmdline
* docs: bring up to date
@@ -112,7 +141,8 @@ Features:
* implement a per-service firewall based on net_cls
-* Port various tools to make use of verbs.[ch], where applicable
+* Port various tools to make use of verbs.[ch], where applicable: busctl,
+ bootctl, coredumpctl, hostnamectl, localectl, systemd-analyze, timedatectl
* hostnamectl: show root image uuid
@@ -132,8 +162,6 @@ Features:
* as soon as we have kdbus, and sender timestamps, revisit coalescing multiple parallel daemon reloads:
-* the install state probably shouldn't get confused by generated units, think dbus1/kdbus compat!
* in systemctl list-unit-files: show the install value the presets would suggest for a service in a third column
* figure out when we can use the coarse timers
@@ -145,8 +173,6 @@ Features:
* firstboot: make it useful to be run immediately after yum --installroot to set up a machine. (most specifically, make --copy-root-password work even if /etc/passwd already exists
-* add infrastructure to allocate dynamic/transient users and UID ranges, for use in user-namespaced containers, per-seat gdm login screens and gdm guest sessions
* maybe add support for specifier expansion in user.conf, specifically DefaultEnvironment=
* introduce systemd-timesync-wait.service or so to sync on an NTP fix?
@@ -233,7 +259,7 @@ Features:
CAP_NET_ADMIN is set, more than the loopback device is defined, even
when it is otherwise off
-* MessageQueueMessageSize= and RLimitFSIZE= (and suchlike) should use parse_iec_size().
+* MessageQueueMessageSize= (and suchlike) should use parse_iec_size().
* "busctl status" works only as root on dbus1, since we cannot read
@@ -248,7 +274,7 @@ Features:
and passes this back to PID1 via SCM_RIGHTS. This also could be used
to allow Chown/chgrp on sockets without requiring NSS in PID 1.
-* New service property: maximum CPU and wallclock runtime for a service
+* New service property: maximum CPU runtime for a service
* introduce bus call FreezeUnit(s, b), as well as "systemctl freeze
$UNIT" and "systemctl thaw $UNIT" as wrappers around this. The calls
@@ -278,8 +304,6 @@ Features:
* be more careful what we export on the bus as (usec_t) 0 and (usec_t) -1
-* unify dispatch table in systemctl_main() and friends
* rfkill,backlight: we probably should run the load tools inside of the udev rules so that the state is properly initialized by the time other software sees it
* After coming back from hibernation reset hibernation swap partition using the /dev/snapshot ioctl APIs
@@ -321,10 +345,6 @@ Features:
- path escaping
- update systemd.special(7) to mention that dbus.socket is only about the compatibility socket now
- test bloom filter generation indexes
- - bus-proxy: when passing messages from kdbus, make sure we properly
- handle the case where a large number of fds is appended that we
- cannot pass into sendmsg() of the AF_UNIX sokcet (which only accepts
- 253 messages)
- kdbus: introduce a concept of "send-only" connections
- kdbus: add counter for refused unicast messages that is passed out via the RECV ioctl. SImilar to the counter for dropped multicast messages we already have.
@@ -374,7 +394,7 @@ Features:
* systemd-inhibit: make taking delay locks useful: support sending SIGINT or SIGTERM on PrepareForSleep()
-* remove any syslog support from log.c -- we probably cannot do this before split-off udev is gone for good
+* remove any syslog support from log.c — we probably cannot do this before split-off udev is gone for good
* shutdown logging: store to EFI var, and store to USB stick?
@@ -494,8 +514,6 @@ Features:
written to as FAIL, but instead show that their are being written to.
- add journalctl -H that talks via ssh to a remote peer and passes through
binary logs data
- - change journalctl -M to acquire fd to journal directory via machined, and
- then operate on that via openat() instead of absolute paths
- add a version of --merge which also merges /var/log/journal/remote
- log accumulated resource usage after each service invocation
- journalctl: -m should access container journals directly by enumerating
@@ -534,7 +552,6 @@ Features:
* unit install:
- "systemctl mask" should find all names by which a unit is accessible
(i.e. by scanning for symlinks to it) and link them all to /dev/null
- - systemctl list-unit-files should list generated files (and probably with a new state "generated" for them, or so)
* timer units:
- timer units should get the ability to trigger when:
@@ -561,8 +578,6 @@ Features:
- to allow "linking" of nspawn containers, extend --network-bridge= so
that it can dynamically create bridge interfaces that are refcounted
by the containers on them. For each group of containers to link together
- - refuses to boot containers without /etc/machine-id (OK?), and with empty
- /etc/machine-id (not OK).
- nspawn -x should support ephemeral instances of gpt images
- emulate /dev/kmsg using CUSE and turn off the syslog syscall
with seccomp. That should provide us with a useful log buffer that
@@ -583,8 +598,6 @@ Features:
- should send out sd_notify("WATCHDOG=1") messages
- optionally automatically add FORWARD rules to iptables whenever nspawn is
running, remove them when shut down.
- - add a logic for cleaning up read-only, hidden container images in
- /var/lib/machines that are not ancestors of any non-hidden containers
- Improve error message when --bind= is used on a non-existing source
- maybe make copying of /etc/resolv.conf optional, and skip it if --read-only
@@ -628,8 +641,6 @@ Features:
* initialize the hostname from the fs label of /, if /etc/hostname does not exist?
-* rename "userspace" to "core-os"
* udev:
- move to LGPL
- kill scsi_id
@@ -744,17 +755,6 @@ Features:
- Allow multiple ExecStart= for all Type= settings, so that we can cover rescue.service nicely
- consider adding RuntimeDirectoryUser= + RuntimeDirectoryGroup=
-* systemd-python:
- - figure out a simple way to wait for journal events in a way that
- works with ^C
- - add documentation to systemd.daemon
-* bootchart:
- - plot per-process IO utilization
- - group processes based on service association (cgroups)
- - document initcall_debug
- - kernel cmdline "bootchart" option for simplicity?
* udev-link-config:
- Make sure ID_PATH is always exported and complete for
network devices where possible, so we can safely rely
@@ -776,7 +776,6 @@ Features:
- work with non-Ethernet devices
- add support for more bond options
- dhcp: do we allow configuring dhcp routes on interfaces that are not the one we got the dhcp info from?
- - add LLDP client side support
- the DHCP lease data (such as NTP/DNS) is still made available when
a carrier is lost on a link. It should be removed instantly.
- expose in the API the following bits: