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- <term><varname>NAutoVTs=</varname></term>
- <listitem><para>Takes a positive integer. Configures how many
- virtual terminals (VTs) to allocate by default that, when
- switched to and are previously unused,
- <literal>autovt</literal> services are automatically spawned
- on. These services are instantiated from the template unit
- <filename>autovt@.service</filename> for the respective VT TTY
- name, for example, <filename>autovt@tty4.service</filename>.
- By default, <filename>autovt@.service</filename> is linked to
- <filename>getty@.service</filename>. In other words, login
- prompts are started dynamically as the user switches to unused
- virtual terminals. Hence, this parameter controls how many
- login <literal>gettys</literal> are available on the VTs. If a
- VT is already used by some other subsystem (for example, a
- graphical login), this kind of activation will not be
- attempted. Note that the VT configured in
- <varname>ReserveVT=</varname> is always subject to this kind
- of activation, even if it is not one of the VTs configured
- with the <varname>NAutoVTs=</varname> directive. Defaults to
- 6. When set to 0, automatic spawning of
- <literal>autovt</literal> services is
- disabled.</para></listitem>
- </varlistentry>
- <varlistentry>
- <term><varname>ReserveVT=</varname></term>
- <listitem><para>Takes a positive integer. Identifies one
- virtual terminal that shall unconditionally be reserved for
- <filename>autovt@.service</filename> activation (see above).
- The VT selected with this option will be marked busy
- unconditionally, so that no other subsystem will allocate it.
- This functionality is useful to ensure that, regardless of how
- many VTs are allocated by other subsystems, one login
- <literal>getty</literal> is always available. Defaults to 6
- (in other words, there will always be a
- <literal>getty</literal> available on Alt-F6.). When set to 0,
- VT reservation is disabled.</para></listitem>
- </varlistentry>
- <varlistentry>
<listitem><para>Takes a boolean argument. Configures whether