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+# SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1+
+# This file is part of systemd.
+# systemd is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
+# under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
+# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
+# (at your option) any later version.
+ACTION=="remove", GOTO="uaccess_end"
+ENV{MAJOR}=="", GOTO="uaccess_end"
+# PTP/MTP protocol devices, cameras, portable media players
+SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ENV{ID_USB_INTERFACES}=="*:060101:*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# Digicams with proprietary protocol
+ENV{ID_GPHOTO2}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# SCSI and USB scanners
+ENV{libsane_matched}=="yes", TAG+="uaccess"
+# HPLIP devices (necessary for ink level check and HP tool maintenance)
+ENV{ID_HPLIP}=="1", TAG+="uaccess"
+# optical drives
+SUBSYSTEM=="block", ENV{ID_CDROM}=="1", TAG+="uaccess"
+SUBSYSTEM=="scsi_generic", SUBSYSTEMS=="scsi", ATTRS{type}=="4|5", TAG+="uaccess"
+# Sound devices
+SUBSYSTEM=="sound", TAG+="uaccess", \
+ OPTIONS+="static_node=snd/timer", OPTIONS+="static_node=snd/seq"
+# ffado is an userspace driver for firewire sound cards
+SUBSYSTEM=="firewire", ENV{ID_FFADO}=="1", TAG+="uaccess"
+# Webcams, frame grabber, TV cards
+SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", TAG+="uaccess"
+SUBSYSTEM=="dvb", TAG+="uaccess"
+# IIDC devices: industrial cameras and some webcams
+SUBSYSTEM=="firewire", ATTR{units}=="*0x00a02d:0x00010*", TAG+="uaccess"
+SUBSYSTEM=="firewire", ATTR{units}=="*0x00b09d:0x00010*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# AV/C devices: camcorders, set-top boxes, TV sets, audio devices, and more
+SUBSYSTEM=="firewire", ATTR{units}=="*0x00a02d:0x010001*", TAG+="uaccess"
+SUBSYSTEM=="firewire", ATTR{units}=="*0x00a02d:0x014001*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# DRI video devices
+SUBSYSTEM=="drm", KERNEL=="card*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# KVM
+SUBSYSTEM=="misc", KERNEL=="kvm", TAG+="uaccess"''
+# smart-card readers
+ENV{ID_SMARTCARD_READER}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# (USB) authentication devices
+ENV{ID_SECURITY_TOKEN}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# PDA devices
+ENV{ID_PDA}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# Programmable remote control
+ENV{ID_REMOTE_CONTROL}=="1", TAG+="uaccess"
+# joysticks
+SUBSYSTEM=="input", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# color measurement devices
+# DDC/CI device, usually high-end monitors such as the DreamColor
+ENV{DDC_DEVICE}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# media player raw devices (for user-mode drivers, Android SDK, etc.)
+SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ENV{ID_MEDIA_PLAYER}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# software-defined radio communication devices
+ENV{ID_SOFTWARE_RADIO}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"
+# 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D scanners, etc.
+ENV{ID_MAKER_TOOL}=="?*", TAG+="uaccess"