Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Prep v228: Added missing src/basic/unaligned.h from upstreamSven Eden2017-04-26
* Prep v228: Update po/ko.po to upstream version.Sven Eden2017-04-26
* Prep v228: Update base files to upstream version.Sven Eden2017-04-26
* core: don't generate warnings when write access to the cgroup fs fails in --u...Lennart Poettering2017-04-26
* tree-wide: add missing includesThomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen2017-04-26
* login: ignore JobRemoved of old jobsDavid Herrmann2017-04-26
* login: make sure to replace existing unitsDavid Herrmann2017-04-26
* siphash24: fix memory alignmentDaniel Mack2017-04-26
* logind: don't assert if the slice is missingLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* conf-parser: use extract_first_wordDavid Reynolds2017-04-26
* virt: make sure that we detect unknown container managers as VIRTUALIZATION_C...Lennart Poettering2017-04-26
* log: whitespace style fixMichal Schmidt2017-04-26
* detect-virt: detect in best-heuristic orderAndrew Jones2017-04-26
* detect-virt: dmi: look for KVMAndrew Jones2017-04-26
* arm/aarch64: detect-virt: check dmiAndrew Jones2017-04-26
* sd-daemon: explicitly filter out -1 when parsing watchdog timeoutLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* sd-daemon: fix potential LISTEN_FDS overflow in sd_listen_fds()Vito Caputo2017-04-26
* man: Drop "internally," which is misleadingDavid Strauss2017-04-26
* sd-daemon: verify NOTIFY_SOCKET path lengthLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* process-util: make some minor corrections to PID live detectionLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* path-util: minor coding style fixLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* util-lib: move formats-util.h from shared/ to basic/Lennart Poettering2017-04-26
* logind: minor clean-upsLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* basic: parse_timestamp UTC and fractional seconds supportHristo Venev2017-04-26
* login: suspend - be a bit more explicit when loggingTom Gundersen2017-04-26
* sd-daemon: wipe out memory before using CMSG_NXTHDR()Daniel Mack2017-04-26
* sd-daemon: simply code simplificationLennart Poettering2017-04-26
* util: minor modernization of vt_disallocate()Lennart Poettering2017-04-26
* util: always enforce O_NOCTTY and O_CLOEXEC in openpt_in_namespace()Lennart Poettering2017-04-26
* login: fix re-use of usersDavid Herrmann2017-04-26
* Version 227.4Sven Eden2017-04-26
* Merge pull request #9 from Gottox/fix-musl-ro-stdoutSven Eden2017-04-26
| * do not change stderr/stdout variables.Enno Boland2017-04-26
* Version 227.3Sven Eden2017-04-26
* Make -flto optimization optionalSven Eden2017-04-26
* Merge pull request #5 from elogind/dev_v227Sven Eden2017-04-24
| * Version 227.2Sven Eden2017-04-12
| * Prep v227: Add missing Makefile symlinksSven Eden2017-04-12
| * Prep v227: Fix man page index building.Sven Eden2017-04-12
| * Prep v227: Removed src/shared/cgroup-show.[hc], it is not needed.Sven Eden2017-04-10
| * Prep v227: Clean up some headers in src/systemdSven Eden2017-04-09
| * Prep v227: Clean up various *-util.[hc] filesSven Eden2017-04-09
| * Add Code::Blocks project fileSven Eden2017-04-09
| * Fix assertion failure when resuming from sleep/suspendSven Eden2017-04-04
| * Update Build filesSven Eden2017-03-29
| * [5/5] Apply missing fixes from upstreamSven Eden2017-03-29
| * [4/5] Apply missing fixes from upstreamSven Eden2017-03-29
| * [3/5] Apply missing fixes from upstreamSven Eden2017-03-29
| * [2/5] Apply missing fixes from upstreamSven Eden2017-03-29
| * [1/5] Apply missing fixes from upstreamSven Eden2017-03-29