Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* remove DISTRO_PORTINGAndy Wingo2015-04-03
* DISTRO_PORTING: add full path for /usr/lib/systemd/systemd and fix grammarChris Atkinson2014-12-02
* man: wording and grammar updatesJan Engelhardt2013-10-21
* build-sys: fix spelling of sysvrcndirLennart Poettering2013-01-08
* build-sys: drop all distribution specfic checksLennart Poettering2013-01-04
* DISTRO_PORTING: correct location of hostname-setup.cRamkumar Ramachandra2012-11-30
* main: replace --running-as= by --session and --system do mimic related tools ...Lennart Poettering2010-07-13
* typo: the correct spelling is maintenance not maintainanceLennart Poettering2010-06-16
* docs: update DISTRO_PORTING a littleLennart Poettering2010-05-17
* docs: add terse distribution porting guideLennart Poettering2010-05-17