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* udev: remove deps already pulled in by LIBADDKay Sievers2012-04-10
* udev: fix gcc warnings showing up after adding $(AM_CFLAGS)Kay Sievers2012-04-10
* build-sys: add $(AM_CFLAGS) where neededKay Sievers2012-04-10
* util: move ACL code into internal libraryKay Sievers2012-04-10
* util: move all to shared/ and split external dependencies in separate interna...Kay Sievers2012-04-10
* udev: remove RUN+="socket:.." and udev_monitor_new_from_netlink()Kay Sievers2012-04-09
* udev: convert 'uaccess' to a builtinKay Sievers2012-04-09
* udev: keymap: remove rootprefix mangling from scriptKay Sievers2012-04-08
* udev: fix test-udev binaryKay Sievers2012-04-08
* udev: switch to systemd logging functionsKay Sievers2012-04-08
* systemd: add hardware watchdog supportLennart Poettering2012-04-05
* build-sys: add a few missing headersKay Sievers2012-04-04
* build-sys: remove vala hack, which did not allow to list headers in sourcesKay Sievers2012-04-04
* units/: use @SYSTEMCTL@ instead of hardcoded pathsDave Reisner2012-04-04
* udev: avoid building selinux parts without have_selinuxDave Reisner2012-04-04
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Sievers2012-04-04
| * man: document special journal fieldsLennart Poettering2012-04-03
* | move imported udev into placeKay Sievers2012-04-04
* journal: implicitly add code location to all messages logged with the native ...Lennart Poettering2012-04-02
* rename /etc/systemd/systemd-{login,journal}d.conf to {login,journal}d.confKay Sievers2012-03-30
* units: mount /tmp as tmpfsKay Sievers2012-03-27
* units: get rid of var-run.mount and var-lock.mountLennart Poettering2012-03-27
* units: don't mount tmpfs on /media anymoreLennart Poettering2012-03-27
* build-sys: separate ldflags from cflagsLucas De Marchi2012-03-26
* build-sys: do not set CFLAGS directlyLucas De Marchi2012-03-26
* journalctl,loginctl: drop systemd- prefix in binary namesLennart Poettering2012-03-26
* build-sys: fix make dist-checkLennart Poettering2012-03-26
* main: added support for loading IMA custom policiesRoberto Sassu2012-03-22
* systemd: mount the securityfs filesystem at early stageRoberto Sassu2012-03-22
* remove GTK piecesMichal Schmidt2012-03-20
* build-sys: prepare release 44Lennart Poettering2012-03-16
* build-sys: don't build distcheck version with split /usrLennart Poettering2012-03-16
* man: make sure we ship HTML versions of the man pages in the tarballLennart Poettering2012-03-16
* man: document systemd-journalctl(1)Lennart Poettering2012-03-16
* man: document systemd-journald.conf(5)Lennart Poettering2012-03-15
* man: document systemd-machine-id-setup(1)Lennart Poettering2012-03-15
* man: document systemd-cat(1)Lennart Poettering2012-03-15
* conf: enforce UTF8 validty everywhereLennart Poettering2012-03-12
* man: fix systemd.special build failureKay Sievers2012-02-29
* man: systemd.special no longer needs sed logicLennart Poettering2012-02-15
* login: document new sd_session_get_xxx() callsLennart Poettering2012-02-15
* build-sys: prepare release of 43Lennart Poettering2012-02-15
* build-sys: simplify ENABLE_MANPAGESKay Sievers2012-02-13
* build-sys: do not use split-/usr in distcheckKay Sievers2012-02-13
* build-sys: publish man pages also on fdoLennart Poettering2012-02-11
* build-sys: prepare 42Lennart Poettering2012-02-11
* man: make building of man pages optionalLennart Poettering2012-02-10
* main: fix reexecution of systemd, use right path to binaryLennart Poettering2012-02-09
* kmod-setup: fix build with libkmodFrederic Crozat2012-02-09
* modules-load: use libkmod rather than modprobeTom Gundersen2012-02-09