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* udev: remove RUN+="socket:.." and udev_monitor_new_from_netlink()Kay Sievers2012-04-09
* udev: remove support for /lib/udev/devices/; tmpfiles should be usedKay Sievers2012-04-08
* build-sys: bump systemd version to 'udev version 182'Kay Sievers2012-04-06
* rename /etc/systemd/systemd-{login,journal}d.conf to {login,journal}d.confKay Sievers2012-03-30
* build-sys: prepare release 44Lennart Poettering2012-03-16
* build-sys: prepare release of 43Lennart Poettering2012-02-15
* build-sys: prepare 42Lennart Poettering2012-02-11
* service: ignore SIGPIPE by defaultLennart Poettering2012-02-09
* journal: limit caps we pass to journaldLennart Poettering2012-02-09
* build-sys: prepare release 41Lennart Poettering2012-02-09
* move /usr/bin/systemd to /usr/lib/systemd/systemdKay Sievers2012-02-08
* NEWS: updateLennart Poettering2012-02-07
* README: update header lineLennart Poettering2012-01-25
* build-sys: include NEWS file for v38, v39Lennart Poettering2012-01-25