path: root/debian/elogind.install
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Merge branch 'merge_upstream' into debian_WIPMark Hindley2018-11-12
| * Include new man5 section manpages.Mark Hindley2018-11-12
| * Include new /usr/bin/busctl.Mark Hindley2018-11-12
* | Disable Dbus activation by default. However, leave the Dbus service file so t...Mark Hindley2018-11-09
* Add AppStream metadata.Mark Hindley2018-11-06
* Don't include /lib/udev/rules.d/70-power-switch.rules which is packaged in udev.Mark Hindley2018-11-02
* Migrate build to meson.Mark Hindley2018-11-01
* Merge patches from Hleb ValoshkaAndreas Messer2018-01-07
* Fix several issues found by reviewAndreas Messer2018-01-06
* Add sysv init scripts and splitoff pam moduleAndreas Messer2018-01-05
* Fix install locationsAndreas Messer2018-01-04
* add devuan build control filesAndreas Messer2018-01-04