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* Enable installation of manpages in -dev package.Mark Hindley2018-11-01
* Migrate build to meson.Mark Hindley2018-11-01
* Update to debhelper compat 11.Mark Hindley2018-11-01
* Remove patch fix-forking.diff. FDs are now correctly closed with safe_fork_fu...Mark Hindley2018-10-30
* Remove patch fix-udev-rules.diff. New helper program elogind-uaccess-command ...Mark Hindley2018-10-30
* Upload 234.4-2~exp1 to experimental; urgency=mediumAndreas Messer2018-02-22
* Enable pristine tarAndreas Messer2018-02-22
* Let libpam-elogind break libpam-ck-connectorAndreas Messer2018-02-22
| * Do not install development manpages and enable pam by defaultAndreas Messer2018-02-07
* | Prepare 234.4-1+devuan1.4Andreas Messer2018-02-09
* | Do not install development manpages and enable pam by defaultAndreas Messer2018-02-09
* Introduce patch to to fix daemonizinAndreas Messer2018-01-27
* Disable automatic user process killing by defaultAndreas Messer2018-01-23
* merged from ascii-proposedKatolaZ2018-01-12
* added upstream-tagKatolaZ2018-01-11
* creating suite suites/ascii-proposedKatolaZ2018-01-10
* Revert "Update build-dep"Andreas Messer2018-01-10
* Update build-depAndreas Messer2018-01-10
* Add "Replaces" fieldAndreas Messer2018-01-08
* Update package relationsAndreas Messer2018-01-08
* Let elogind conflict with systemdAndreas Messer2018-01-08
* Remove "Conflicts: openrc"Andreas Messer2018-01-08
* Set cgroup controller fix to "elogin"Andreas Messer2018-01-08
* Fix dependencies for DebianAndreas Messer2018-01-08
* Update version and add patch to disable unsupported udev ruleAndreas Messer2018-01-08
* Merge patches from Hleb ValoshkaAndreas Messer2018-01-07
* Factor out common files to fix multi-arch installsAndreas Messer2018-01-07
* Fix several issues found by reviewAndreas Messer2018-01-06
* Add sysv init scripts and splitoff pam moduleAndreas Messer2018-01-05
* Fix install locationsAndreas Messer2018-01-04
* add devuan build control filesAndreas Messer2018-01-04
* setup initial project structureAndreas Messer2018-01-03