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* udev: link_setup - respect kernel name assign policyTom Gundersen2014-08-08
* networkd: merge DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 configTom Gundersen2014-06-29
* build-sys: add missing Makefile symlinkLennart Poettering2014-06-19
* net: enable dhcp6 for containersLennart Poettering2014-06-19
* network: automatically assign each container veth link a /28 IP address rangeLennart Poettering2014-06-18
* network: always take possession of host side of nspawn veth tunnels and do IP...Lennart Poettering2014-05-18
* network: default to IPv4LL on host0Tom Gundersen2014-04-03
* networkd/nspawn: enable dhcp client on veth device created in guestTom Gundersen2014-02-22
* udev: net-config - allow interface names to be set from the hwdbTom Gundersen2014-02-19
* network: move configuration to /etc/systemd/networkTom Gundersen2013-10-29