path: root/rules/50-udev-default.rules
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* remove udev rulesAndy Wingo2015-04-08
* 50-udev-default.rules: don't run anything but REMOVE_CMD on removeHarald Hoyer2015-03-27
* rules: merge udev-late.rules filesKay Sievers2015-03-12
* rules: default - remove legacy agpgartKay Sievers2015-03-12
* rules: add loop-control and btrfs-control to "disk" groupKay Sievers2014-06-18
* udev: assign group "input" to all input devicesKay Sievers2014-06-12
* udev: stop using "floppy" groupKay Sievers2014-06-11
* udev/rules: setup tty permissions and group for sclp_line, ttysclp and 3270/ttyLukas Nykryn2014-02-27
* rules: remove pointless MODE= settingsKay Sievers2013-10-21
* always unconditionally create /dev/rtc and use it internallyKay Sievers2013-04-26
* do not create /dev/rtc symlink, let systemd search for it if neededKay Sievers2013-04-24
* rules: move builtin calls before the permissions sectionKay Sievers2013-03-20
* udev: make firmware loading optional and disable by defaultTom Gundersen2013-03-18
* udev: set default rules permissions only at "add" eventsKay Sievers2013-01-27
* rules: call hwdb for all devices with a 'modalias'Kay Sievers2012-10-25
* udev: add hardware database supportKay Sievers2012-10-23
* timedatectl: introduce new command line client for timedatedLennart Poettering2012-10-17
* udev: update some rulesKay Sievers2012-04-15
* move imported udev into placeKay Sievers2012-04-04