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* Prep v235: Remove superfluous .gitignore filesSven Eden2017-08-14
* Prep v233.3: Add all possible coverage tests for elogindSven Eden2017-07-20
* Prep v231: Reorganize elogind specific code in login/logind-action.cSven Eden2017-06-16
* Prep v231: Cleaned up treeSven Eden2017-06-16
* Add test coverage and generate report with lcovThomas H.P. Andersen2013-07-13
* move libsystemd-id128, libsystemd-daemon to subdirKay Sievers2012-04-12
* main: disarm watchdog when preparing for reexecutionLennart Poettering2012-04-11
* login: move seat udev rules to login subdirKay Sievers2012-01-22
* journal: hook up coredumping with journalLennart Poettering2012-01-14
* logind: move more files into subdirectoryLennart Poettering2011-12-31
* systemadm: add a wrappable label and use it for status linesZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2011-09-20
* load-fragment: speed up parsing by using a perfect hash table with configurat...Lennart Poettering2011-08-01
* git: hide org.freedesktop.systemd1.policy.inLennart Poettering2011-07-29
* sysctl: apply network specific sysctls to each network card as they appearLennart Poettering2011-07-25
* build-sys: fix make distcheckLennart Poettering2011-07-12
* logind: hook uaccess into udev by defaultLennart Poettering2011-06-29
* git: ignore generated policy fileLennart Poettering2011-03-14
* ask-password: add basic tty agentLennart Poettering2010-10-25
* ask-password: add minimal framework to allow services query SSL/harddisk pass...Lennart Poettering2010-09-17
* systemctl: reimplement systemctl in pure C without Vala/GObjectLennart Poettering2010-06-15
* build-sys: generate intermediate files in subdirsLennart Poettering2010-05-16