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* Classify processes from sessions into cgroupsSven Eden2017-03-14
* [Patch 1/3] Add cgroups initialization and handlingSven Eden2017-03-14
* Remove cgroups-agent, it is not really needed.Sven Eden2017-03-14
* Prep v225: Applying various fixes and changes to src/cgroups-agent that got l...Sven Eden2017-03-14
* sd-bus: introduce new sd_bus_flush_close_unref() callLennart Poettering2017-03-14
* Classify processes from sessions into cgroupsAndy Wingo2016-03-06
* Revert "Remove src/cgroups-agent"Andy Wingo2016-03-06
* Remove src/cgroups-agentAndy Wingo2015-04-19
* treewide: no need to negate errno for log_*_errno()Michal Schmidt2014-11-28
* treewide: auto-convert the simple cases to log_*_errno()Michal Schmidt2014-11-28
* bus: always explicitly close bus from main programsLennart Poettering2014-08-04
* cgroups-agent: down-grade log levelLennart Poettering2013-11-25
* bus: move ssh support into public API of libsystem-busLennart Poettering2013-10-30
* cgroup-agent: port to sd-busTom Gundersen2013-10-18
* cgroups-agent: remove ancient fallback code; turn connection error into warningKay Sievers2013-07-04
* build-sys: rename LEGACY to NOLEGACY to better reflect meaningDavid Coppa2013-07-03
* move all tools to subdirsKay Sievers2012-04-12