path: root/src/libelogind/sd-bus/bus-dump.c
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* sd-bus: enable support for user bus instancesCameron Nemo2018-11-08
* Prep v240 : Add busctl to be shipped with elogind.Sven Eden2018-11-08
* Prep v220: Remove all source files, taht are not needed to build elogind.Sven Eden2017-03-14
* sd-bus,sd-login: add api for querying the slice within the the user systemd i...Lennart Poettering2017-03-14
* sd-bus: properly handle creds that are known but undefined for a processLennart Poettering2017-03-14
* sd-bus: add controlling tty field to sd_creds objectLennart Poettering2017-03-14
* sd-bus: expose ppid fieldLennart Poettering2017-03-14
* shared: add terminal-util.[ch]Ronny Chevalier2017-03-14
* shared: add formats-util.hRonny Chevalier2017-03-14
* Rename more things to elogindAndy Wingo2015-04-19