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* Prep v239.2: Check process name of possibly stale PID file (#94)Sven Eden2018-11-12
* elogind: Try to register any of the signals report errors and return the firs...Stefan Stefanović2018-11-10
* elogind: Use SIG_BLOCK before signal handler registration.Stefan Stefanović2018-11-10
* Prep v239.2: Fix signal registration failure (#90)Sven Eden2018-11-09
* Prep v239: Fix main() to call manager_new() again.Sven Eden2018-08-24
* Prep v239: Add support for the new 'suspend-then-hibernate' method.Sven Eden2018-08-24
* Fix elogind debug mode:Sven Eden2018-06-29
* Prep v238: Fix elogind_daemonize(), it failed due to some misunderstandings o...Sven Eden2018-06-08
* Prep v238: Uncomment now needed headers and unmask now needed functions in sr...Sven Eden2018-06-05
* Close stdin, stdout and stderr on daemonizingAndreas Messer2018-01-31
* v235: Added missing updatesSven Eden2017-11-19
* Prep v235: Catch and react on SIGINT, SIGQUIT and SIGTERMSven Eden2017-08-31
* Prep v235: Fix startup order and add debug logging.Sven Eden2017-08-31
* Prep v235: Do not write an early PID file, if elogind is going to be daemonized.Sven Eden2017-08-30
* Prep v235: optimize elogind extra startup functionalitySven Eden2017-08-30
* Prep v235: Use the new ELOGIND_PID_FILE macro consistentlySven Eden2017-08-18
* Prep v235: Allow elogind to daemonize itself with "-D|--daemon".Sven Eden2017-08-16
* Prep v234: Eventually fix the cgroup stuff. elogind is not init.Sven Eden2017-07-27
* Prep v233: Add missing updates from upstream in src/loginSven Eden2017-07-17
* Prep v232: Apply missing updates from upstreamSven Eden2017-07-05
* Prep v321.2: Fix org.freedesktop.login1 where named org.freedesktop.elogindSven Eden2017-06-22
* Prep v231.2: login/elogind.c: Remove bus_forward_agent_released()Sven Eden2017-06-20
* Prep v231: Move elogind specific code in login/logind.c to login/elogind.cSven Eden2017-06-16