path: root/src/shared/exit-status.h
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* Prep v221: Update and clean up build system to sync with upstreamSven Eden2017-03-14
* exit-status: introduce common exit_status_set_test() call for testing exit st...Lennart Poettering2017-03-14
* smack: introduce new SmackProcessLabel optionWaLyong Cho2014-11-24
* exit-status: add new exit code for custom endpoint errorsDaniel Mack2014-09-08
* exit-status: fix URL in commentDaniel Mack2014-09-05
* core: introduce exit_status_set_is_empty() to make things a bit easier to readLennart Poettering2014-07-03
* exit-status: rename ExitStatusSet's "code" field to "status"Lennart Poettering2014-07-03
* core: introduce new RestartForceExitStatus= service settingLennart Poettering2014-07-03
* kdbus: when uploading bus name policy, resolve users/groups out-of-processLennart Poettering2014-06-05
* socket: add SocketUser= and SocketGroup= for chown()ing sockets in the file s...Lennart Poettering2014-06-05
* core: remove tcpwrap supportLennart Poettering2014-03-24
* core: move ShowStatus type into the coreLennart Poettering2014-03-03
* core: introduce new RuntimeDirectory= and RuntimeDirectoryMode= unit settingsLennart Poettering2014-03-03
* core: add new RestrictAddressFamilies= switchLennart Poettering2014-02-26
* core: Add AppArmor profile switchingMichael Scherer2014-02-21
* core: add Personality= option for units to set the personality for spawned pr...Lennart Poettering2014-02-19
* core: fixate show_status earlier, so that we actually print the welcome messageLennart Poettering2014-02-17
* exec: Add SELinuxContext configuration itemMichael Scherer2014-02-10
* manager: add systemd.show_status=auto modeZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2014-01-27
* Add __attribute__((const, pure, format)) in various placesZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2013-05-02
* service: add options RestartPreventExitStatus and SuccessExitStatusLukas Nykryn2012-08-14
* use #pragma once instead of foo*foo #define guardsShawn Landden2012-07-19
* execute: support syscall filtering using seccomp filtersLennart Poettering2012-07-17
* relicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions)Lennart Poettering2012-04-12
* util: move all to shared/ and split external dependencies in separate interna...Kay Sievers2012-04-10