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* Correct a number of trivial typos.Chris Lamb2018-08-24
* Prep v238: Uncomment now needed headers and unmask now needed functions in ↵Sven Eden2018-06-05
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* procfs-util: add APIs to get consumed CPU time and used memory from /procLennart Poettering2018-05-30
| | | | | | This is preparation for emulating the "usage_usec" keyed attribute of the "cpu.stat" property of the root cgroup from data in /proc. Similar, for emulating the "memory.current" attribute.
* util-lib: add new procfs-util.[ch] API for dealing with tasks limitsLennart Poettering2018-05-30
As it turns out the limit on concurrent tasks on Linux nasty to determine, hence let's appropriate helpers for this.