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* uaccess-command: [trivial] Differentiate apply vs reset error log messages.Arthur Taylor2018-03-07
| | | | Also change systemd to logind in a comment.
* Introduce elogind-uaccess-command to replace uaccess builtin.Arthur Taylor2018-03-07
The uaccess udev builtin command is only used by logind and contains functionality only implemented in logind. As such, while we cannot write udev-builtin commands in elogind (not being udev), we can write standalone binaries and rewrite our udev rules to use them instead. This fixes the feature of granting users access to devices using a user ACL which is toggled only when the user is associated with an active session. Currently this functionality is half broken, as while the ACL is granted and revoked while VT-switching, it is not granted to new devices as they are plugged in. This issue is fixed by this commit.