path: root/sysusers.d
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* sysusers: realign sysusers snippetsLennart Poettering2014-08-19
* sysusers: set home directory for root to /rootLennart Poettering2014-08-19
* sysusers: split users for remote into separate fileZbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek2014-07-31
* journal: add systemd-journal-remote to sysusersKay Sievers2014-07-16
* sysusers: split up default sysusers snippetLennart Poettering2014-06-29
* sysusers.d - fix typo in user definition fileJonathan Boulle2014-06-20
* sysusers: hide generate .conf fileLennart Poettering2014-06-13
* sysuser: generate default snippet incorporating TTY_GID properlyLennart Poettering2014-06-12
* sysusers: add new input group to default snippetLennart Poettering2014-06-12
* sysusers: add minimal tool to reconstruct /etc/passwd and /etc/group from sta...Lennart Poettering2014-06-12