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masterupload to unstableSean Whitton23 months
archive/debian/0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-1commit 3c06b78b77...Sean Whitton23 months
debian/0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-1commit 3c06b78b77...Sean Whitton23 months
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2017-09-20upload to unstableHEADdebian/0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-1archive/debian/0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-1masterSean Whitton
2017-09-20close ITPSean Whitton
2017-09-20initial Debianisation from dh-make-elpaSean Whitton
2014-01-08allow keywords to be retained in a plist->alistNic Ferrier
2014-01-08fix the keyword argNic Ferrier
2014-01-07add better keyword handling for kvalist->plistNic Ferrier
2013-08-18add some tests and kvfaNic Ferrier
2013-06-18really simply kvacons makes alists from plist style function calls, bump the ...Nic Ferier
2013-06-12bump the version for the new functions.Nic Ferier
2013-06-12add a bunch of accessor functions to replace use of agetNic Ferier