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+The Debian packaging of emacs-noflet is maintained in git, using the
+merging workflow described in dgit-maint-merge(7). There isn't a
+patch queue that can be represented as a quilt series.
+A detailed breakdown of the changes is available from their canonical
+representation - git commits in the packaging repository. For
+example, to see the changes made by the Debian maintainer in the first
+upload of upstream version 1.2.3, you could use:
+ % git clone
+ % cd emacs-noflet
+ % git log --oneline 1.2.3..debian/1.2.3-1 -- . ':!debian'
+(If you have dgit, use `dgit clone emacs-noflet`, rather than plain
+`git clone`.)
+A single combined diff, containing all the changes, follows.