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* pinch the debug decl from flet for nofletNic Ferier2013-06-02
* document the decorating functionalityNic Ferier2013-05-18
* add indent stuff.Nic Ferier2013-05-18
* unnecessary argument in one of the destructures.Nic Ferier2013-05-16
* Merge pull request #1 from purcell/patch-1Nic Ferrier2013-05-13
| * Fix file header line for package.el compatibilitySteve Purcell2013-05-13
* FORMS not FORMNic Ferier2013-05-12
* fix artifacts of old filenameNic Ferier2013-05-11
* package headerNic Ferier2013-05-11
* add package template stuffNic Ferier2013-05-11
* initialNic Ferier2013-05-11