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* bump the versionNic Ferrier2014-11-02
* add a named let macroNic Ferrier2014-11-02
* oh dear, 24.3 doesn't have a provide for cl-indentNic Ferrier2014-10-24
* require cl-indent, bump the versionNic Ferrier2014-10-23
* Merge branch 'master' of Ferrier2014-08-22
| * Enable cl style arglists in nofletRyan C. Thompson2014-08-20
* | a lisp-1 experimentNic Ferrier2014-08-22
* add a new indent function that works for everyoneNic Ferrier2014-02-02
* new versionNic Ferrier2013-09-01
* add nolexfletNic Ferrier2013-09-01
* bump the versionNic Ferrier2013-08-25
* no more letwhileNic Ferrier2013-08-25
* make cl-macs go awayNic Ferrier2013-07-11
* fix problems with using defmacro* by requiring cl properly.Nic Ferier2013-06-12
* remove let-while test functionNic Ferier2013-06-12
* use noflet instead of flet in the let-while testNic Ferier2013-06-11
* bump the version for new-binding supportNic Ferier2013-06-09
* add new binding support to nofletNic Ferier2013-06-09
* remove cl requirement and bump the versionNic Ferier2013-06-03
* add a specific indentation function spec, fixes #2Nic Ferier2013-06-03
* bump the versionNic Ferier2013-06-02
* note lack of new binding creationNic Ferier2013-06-02
* add indentation via fletNic Ferier2013-06-02
* bump the versionNic Ferier2013-06-02
* pinch the debug decl from flet for nofletNic Ferier2013-06-02
* add indent stuff.Nic Ferier2013-05-18
* unnecessary argument in one of the destructures.Nic Ferier2013-05-16
* Fix file header line for package.el compatibilitySteve Purcell2013-05-13
* FORMS not FORMNic Ferier2013-05-12
* fix artifacts of old filenameNic Ferier2013-05-11
* package headerNic Ferier2013-05-11
* add package template stuffNic Ferier2013-05-11
* initialNic Ferier2013-05-11