BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAttribute copyright to Florian's significant contributions.Nicholas D Steeves17 months
archive/debian/1.03-1commit 43c5e445aa...Sean Whitton17 months
debian/1.03-1commit 184e860374...Sean Whitton17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-27Attribute copyright to Florian's significant contributions.HEADarchive/debian/1.03-1masterNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27debian-autoloadsNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27add Comment: to Files: * stanzadebian/1.03-1Sean Whitton
2018-07-27drop erroneous Reviewed-by: tag in 0002Sean Whitton
2018-07-26Add patch to make explicit Florian Ragwitz's copyright.Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Install generated READMENicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Use plain (not unicode) quotes in long descriptionNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-25Fall back to patching upstream source and ReFinaliseNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-25Refinalise changelog for 1.03-1Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-25Autoload this mode when opening POD files, because emacs-goodies didNicholas D Steeves