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authorPhilip Chimento <>2015-09-02 16:39:30 -0700
committerPhilip Chimento <>2015-09-02 16:40:07 -0700
commitbd8e4a606f6971446172bdcaf9c9ddf562af20b1 (patch)
parent2d1a9a608517a531ed5b487cfeb415ce40727476 (diff)
Revert "Add some ordering to tests"
This reverts commit fd1247c9a62fb545f07ed4ad44b57e5519e4036f. This wasn't actually necessary to fix the problem, so it probably wasn't a problem in the first place. Revert it in order not to add extra fussiness. [endlessm/eos-sdk#3566]
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diff --git a/test/ b/test/
index 1071c9f..2fca7ea 100644
--- a/test/
+++ b/test/
@@ -87,12 +87,6 @@ EXTRA_DIST += \
CLEANFILES += stderr.log
-# Order some tests so that they don't try to export the same DBus names
-test/webhelper/testTranslate2Old.log: test/webhelper/testTranslate2.log
-test/webhelper/testWebActions2.log: test/webhelper/testTranslate2Old.log
-test/webhelper/testWebActions2Old.log: test/webhelper/testWebActions2.log
-test/webhelper/testLocal.log: test/webhelper/testWebActions2Old.log
# Use locally built versions of Endless-0.gir and libraries; this may need to be
# changed to AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENT in a future version of Automake
# Set XDG_CONFIG_HOME so as to avoid cluttering the user's actual config