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Initial addition of ansible scripts
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+#!/bin/bash -e
+echo "To run this script, you need to have the following"
+echo " - VM running with the correct dev HD image"
+echo " - A user defined with sudo privileges"
+echo " - sshpass installed on the local machine"
+read -p "Press [Enter] to continue..."
+if [[ ! $(which sshpass) ]]; then
+ echo "sshpass not found. Exiting"
+ echo "You can install it with sudo apt-get install sshpass"
+ exit 1
+read -e -p "Enter your machine's IP: " -i "$DEFAULT_IP" TARGET_IP
+read -e -p "Enter your machine's user: " -i "$DEFAULT_USER" TARGET_USER
+read -e -p "Enter your machine's password: " -i "${DEFAULT_PASSWORD}" TARGET_PASS
+echo -n "Checking connectivity to machine..."
+sshpass -p "${TARGET_PASS}" ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no $TARGET_USER@$TARGET_IP 'uname -a' &> /dev/null
+echo "[OK]"
+trap "rm -f $tmp_inventory" EXIT
+echo "Creating Ansible inventory file in $tmp_inventory"
+cat << EOF > $tmp_inventory
+dev_machine ansible_ssh_host=$TARGET_IP ansible_ssh_user="$TARGET_USER" ansible_ssh_pass="${TARGET_PASS}" ansible_connection=ssh
+ansible-playbook -i $tmp_inventory playbooks/setup_dev_machine.yaml