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Generate version macros from configure
This adds EOS_SDK_MAJOR_VERSION, EOS_SDK_MINOR_VERSION and EOS_SDK_MICRO_VERSION as macros in eosversion.h whose values are generated from configure with AC_SUBST, rather than in config.h using AC_DEFINE. They are also public API, so they get documenation and Since: annotations. [endlessm/eos-sdk#3071]
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@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ EXTRA_HFILES=
# Header files or dirs to ignore when scanning. Use base file/dir names
# e.g. IGNORE_HFILES=gtkdebug.h gtkintl.h private_code
-IGNORE_HFILES= eosinit-private.h \
+IGNORE_HFILES= eosapiversion-private.h \
+ eosinit-private.h \
eostopbar-private.h \
eosmainarea-private.h \
eosactionmenu-private.h \