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EosPageManager uses GtkStack properties directly
Use the visible-child and visible-child-name properties of GtkStack in lieu of visible-page and visible-page-name. Use the transition-duration, transition-type and name properties of GtkStack instead of proxying in page manager with properties of that same name. The page manger becomes nothing more than a stack with custom child properties for use in EosWindow, and becomes a lot simpler. This breaks the page manager api and will require changes in the apps as well [endlessm/eos-sdk#985]
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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ endless_library_sources = \
endless/eoscustomcontainer.c \
endless/eoshello.c \
endless/eosinit.c endless/eosinit-private.h \
- endless/eospagemanager.c endless/eospagemanager-private.h \
+ endless/eospagemanager.c \
endless/eosresource.c endless/eosresource-private.h \
endless/eossplashpagemanager.c \
endless/eostopbar.c endless/eostopbar-private.h \