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Added a Utility file for license processing
We create license_utils, a utility library to include common methods to handle license files. The script that handles the cleanup of CreativeCommons files now uses the methods that have been extracted into the license_utils lib. [endlessm/eos-sdk#3471]
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diff --git a/licenses/ b/licenses/
index 80f93cd..c81ca7d 100755
--- a/licenses/
+++ b/licenses/
@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ import os
import re
import sys
+from license_utils import rewrite_attr
def main(argv):
langs = ['C', 'ar', 'es', 'fr', 'pt_BR']
@@ -118,12 +120,6 @@ def cleanup_deed_file(src_dir, license, lang):
-def rewrite_attr(html, elem, attr, source, target):
- for element in html.findAll(elem):
- if element.has_key(attr):
- attr_val = re.sub(source, target, element[attr])
- element[attr] = attr_val
def cleanup_conditional_comments(html):
comments = html.findAll(text=lambda text:isinstance(text, Comment) and '[if' in text)
for comment in comments: