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authorMatt Watson <>2015-08-03 23:34:32 -0700
committerMatt Watson <>2015-08-06 12:50:59 -0700
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search_box: don't set entry text after item selected
We'll leave it up to the application itself what to populate the entry with after an autocomplete item is selected [endlessm/eos-sdk#3442]
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diff --git a/overrides/endless_private/search_box.js b/overrides/endless_private/search_box.js
index 40c8dc4..ea45531 100644
--- a/overrides/endless_private/search_box.js
+++ b/overrides/endless_private/search_box.js
@@ -138,6 +138,7 @@ const SearchBox = new Lang.Class({
_onMatchSelected: function (widget, model, iter) {
let index = model.get_path(iter).get_indices();
this.emit('menu-item-selected', this._items[index]['id']);
+ return Gdk.EVENT_STOP;
/* Set the menu items by providing an array of item objects: